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January 2014 - We have been publishing this website for 6 years now.
We agree that our hobby got a little out of hand. It started with the idea to remove the non-Dutch content from our Dutch Openwater site http://noww.nl . (That site has been online since August 1998, which makes it the oldest Dutch Swimming website.)
Some users there complained - in a nice way - that the Dutch content got snowed under by the international content.

18 Kms Solo Swim Across Mandva Jetty to Gate Way of India

Master Sampanna Ramesh Shelar (14 years) and Master Soham  Sheth (14 years) successfully swam across Mandva Jetty to Gate Way of India, distance of 18 Kms. in the Arabian Sea on 3rd March 2015.

I was very keen that one of my marathon swimmers shall swim this stretch My former swimmers where the first ones to cover this 18 Kms grueling distance. But after, terrorist attack on Mumbai, in the year 2009, permissions from Government agencies to swim in the vicinity was stopped.

Glasgow named as co-host for European Sports Championships

GLASGOW will co-host the inaugural European Sports Championships in 2018, a multi-sport competition which is to include athletics, swimming and cycling.

The city, which hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games, will combine with Berlin for the event, with almost 3,000 athletes from aquatics, cycling, rowing and triathlon competing in Scotland.

A further 1,500 athletes will compete in Berlin as part of the venture, which will take place across 10 to 12 days.

The event will be funded jointly by Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government.

Swimming will take place at Tollcross International Swimming Centre in Glasgow, diving and synchronised swimming at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, and open-water swimming at Loch Lomond.

From triathlon to open water swimming: evolution of the challenge

Human beings are currently inhabiting a civilized society where the biggest part of our decisions relies on our rational mind rather than the instinct. Times when the human had to run faster than predators to survive or climb the highest tree to pick the fruits had now had their day. All of these actions were direct consequence of the flourishing of the most primitive human instinct -that of survival and therefore of competitiveness.

Ever since the humanity has discovered in the civilization its modus to differentiate itself from the animal world, human beings have always found the ways to affirm themselves as survivors and    enhance their most competitive self.

Budapest steps into breach after Guadalajara withdraws

World Aquatics Championships host in 2017, four years earlier than planned

Swimming-hungry Hungarian fans will not have to wait until 2021 to see their swimming stars – such as 2014’s world swimmer of the year Katinka Hosszú – compete at home in a world championship event after Budapest was awarded the 2017 FINA World Aquatics Championships. Originally awarded the 2021 event, the city stepped in when Mexico’s Guadalajara elected to withdraw from hosting the 2017 event, citing the decline in oil prices as a contributing factor to their inability to afford the expected $100 million cost of organising and holding the events.
The biennial event is expected to be the largest sporting event ever held in Budapest and will see the world’s finest aquatic athletes converge on the city to compete in world championship events in swimming, diving, open-water swimming, synchronised swimming and water polo.
The FINA World Aquatics Championships are a natural fit for this water-loving country, and stepping up for a failed host just two years before the event could win major friends for the city’s stated ambition to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.
Announcing the turn of events to Parliament last week alongside executive director of FINA Cornel Marculescu, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán remarked on the challenges that lie ahead: “This is a gigantic undertaking. There are risks, and success is not written in the stars.”

Why I'm not swimming in UAE race

By Alex Meyer Alex Meyer is an American open water swimmer who represented the U.S. at the 2012 London Olympics and won gold in the 25-kilometer race at the 2010 world championships. Outside of competition, he has also been a strong advocate in calls for reform in the sport after the 2010 death of close friend and teammate of Fran Crippen. Meyer helped search for Crippen the day he drowned after suffering from heat exhaustion during that competition in the United Arab Emirates.

Now, with the World Cup returning to the UAE on Friday, Meyer weighs in to ESPN.com about his concerns surrounding the race and why further safety measures are needed moving forward.

In October 2010, a dear teammate and friend to many, Fran Crippen, died in deplorable conditions during a FINA 10km World Cup race in the United Arab Emirates. Recently, FINA reinstated that same race, to be held in Abu Dhabi just 150 miles from the 2010 venue, and under the supervision of the same race director.

Many people -- friends, journalists, fellow Twitterers -- have asked me what my thoughts are on the upcoming FINA World Cup race, a race where U.S. swimmers have unanimously chosen not to participate. This contentious issue has deservedly been gaining traction in the American sports media and is starting to spread around the world (I was contacted by a German journalist this week). The articles have varied in their stance and tone, and I feel the need to sum up where I stand.

A lack of transparency in open waters

by Bonnie D. Ford - I never met Fran Crippen, but once I began writing about his death, it didn't take me long to understand his profound and lasting impact on people.

When I encounter someone who knew Crippen -- or sometimes merely knew of him -- their response when I mention his name is often the same: a hand involuntarily pressed to the heart. Crippen had it all -- looks, brains, talent, personality and a keen sense of fairness and sportsmanship.

But the reason I've persisted in reporting on the ripple effect of Crippen's October 2010 death in a 10-kilometer World Cup race in the United Arab Emirates is not because he was charismatic, which he was; or because he came from a lovely family, which he did; or because people miss him deeply, which they do. I went down that path for one reason: I wanted to know how a world-class swimmer could drown in plain sight in a competition, and what could be done to prevent it from happening again.

Five Best Swimming Adventure Video Clips from Croatia

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