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We have been publishing this website for 6 years now.
We agree that our hobby got a little out of hand. It started with the idea to remove the non-Dutch content from our Dutch Openwater site http://noww.nl . (That site has been online since August 1998, which makes it the oldest Dutch Swimming website.)
Some users there complained - in a nice way - that the Dutch content got snowed under by the international content.

Drinking when thirsty is preferred

......Drinking when thirsty is preferred

Prof Rogers, who wrote a paper on the case, says endurance athletes should be encouraged to adopt a "drink to thirst" strategy, drinking when they feel thirsty rather than to set a rule.

The woman reportedly drank up to 1000ml of sports drink before the race and was on a regime of 200ml of fluid every 20 minutes during the event, alternating between sports drink and water.

It took her 8 hours and 17 minutes to complete the race and she reportedly drank another 2000ml of a combination of sports drink, tea and water after reaching the island.

"The human body evolved a long time ago to be able to maintain its fluid balance in settings where people didn't necessary have access to a lot of fluids on a regular basis," Prof Rogers says.

"If your body says you're thirsty, have a drink, and if you're body doesn't say you're thirsty, you don't need one.......

Father, son swim to safety after lobster boat goes up in flames

VINALHAVEN, Maine — A father and son were forced to swim a few hundred yards to shore after a swiftly moving fire engulfed their vessel.

David Anthony and son Blake Anthony were resting Tuesday afternoon after the ordeal.

Vinalhaven Fire Chief Marc Candage said the two men were fortunate to have survived swimming a long distance in such cold waters. The water temperature was about 47 degrees F (=8,3 degrees C) on Tuesday, according to Maine Department of Marine Resources director of communications Jeff Nichols.

The fire chief said the Anthonys reported that the 25-foot lobster boat, called the Midnight Rider, had engine trouble earlier in the day but they believed they had repaired the problem. About an hour later, the two men heard a loud “poof” and then fire quickly spread. The fire moved so quickly that they were unable to get to the fire extinguisher or the survival suits.

the Oceanman Palamós is a 9.5km coastal course down the waters of Morro del Vedell - Spain

In 2015 Palamós (Spain) will play host to a long-distance competition running along the stunning Formigues Islands archipelago
Special early-bird registration fees for the first 50 registered participants, December 15-21!

On Sunday, May, 25, Palamós will see the second out of 5 competitions comprising the Oceanman circuit, 2015 international open water swimming series to be held in Spain and Italy.
The biggest novelty and a definite highlight of the second running of the Oceanman Palamós is its 9.5km (Oceanman distance) coastal course down the waters of Morro del Vedell, La Fosca beach and the Formigues Islands, framed by a landscape of unique natural charm and a vibrant sea front. The event as well features half-distance course (4.5.km Half-Oceanman) along with a non-competitive popular race  (2km) ideally suitable for the novice open water swimmers.

1# NedaelMon SwimBarcelona San Silvestre swim, Barcelona, Spain

Sunday, 28 December, 2014 - 09:00

1.000 m - 1.500 m - 2.500 m

If amongst your plans for Christmas time you plan to be in Barcelona and you feel like swimming, do not miss the 1st edition of the Neda SwimBarcelona San Silvestre swim!

You can choose between three distances: 1 km, 1.5 km or both distances to swim a total of 2.5 km.

Join the party and bid farewell to the year like a true swim addict with Neda el Món!

special offer for the first 50 participants at the Oceanman serie1 - Altea, Alicante, (Valencia), Spain

Open water swimming competition in Altea (Spain) is the curtain-raiser for the international OCEANMAN championship series. More than 300 swimmers from all over Europe are expected to give it a go.

Special promos and offers for the first 50 registered participants, December 8-14!

Swim and Sail Southern Turkey-Greece Holidays

Strel Swimming Adventures runs multi-day professionally guided swimming tours in 6 different countries (Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey and Arizona).

Their trips are focused mostly on recreational swimming and exploring great places by water rather than competition, so anybody who can comfortably swim 2kms in open water can join their treks.

Southern Turkey and Greece has been on their list for many years. This area offers the best of Mediterranean crystal clear sea and the hot sun shines for many months of the year. 

Royal Life Saving Society appointed Adam Walker as their Ambassador

Drowning prevention charity welcomes ‘Ocean Walker’

The first Briton to complete a gruelling challenge to swim the toughest seven oceans swims in the world has become an ambassador for the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), the drowning prevention charity. 

Open water champion, Adam Walker is keen to work with the charity to help others stay safe while enjoying open water and encourage the activity in supervised environments.

The ‘Ocean Walker’ knows all about the potential dangers involved after swimming across seven of the world’s oceans, a feat known as the ‘Oceans 7’ challenge.