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January 2014 - We have been publishing this website for 6 years now.
We agree that our hobby got a little out of hand. It started with the idea to remove the non-Dutch content from our Dutch Openwater site http://noww.nl . (That site has been online since August 1998, which makes it the oldest Dutch Swimming website.)
Some users there complained - in a nice way - that the Dutch content got snowed under by the international content.

The Open Water Trinity

from the April 2015 US Open Water Swimming Connection newsletter By Karen Reeder

spacer (1K)     In open water swimming, success or failure depends upon 3 areas of preparation.

     1) Training
     2) Tactics
     3) Logistics

     Failure to consider one of these areas can result in a poor swim or DNF (Did Not Finish).

5# BCT Gdynia Marathon 2015, Poland

Saturday, 22 August, 2015 (All day)


Baltic Container Terminal in Gdynia (Poland) invites all the best swimmers to participate in the 5th edition of
The race along the route marked from Hel to Gdynia will take place between 21 and 23 August 2015. Like every year, the exact date will depend on weather conditions.
We provide to the competitors accommodation including breakfast from 20th till 24th of August 2015.
This year the route will measure about 20,5 km.

5# Swim4Sadna, Tzemach Beach, Israel

Friday, 5 June, 2015 - 06:30



Swim4Sadna is an annual women’s swim-a-thon fundraising event on behalf of Shiluv b’Emuna.

The swim-a-thon is not a race; it is a personal swimming challenge.

Swim4Sadna gives not only each swimmer satisfaction and personal growth but also provides strength to the entire “Sadna Family”.

​European Open Water Swimming Championships 2016

The ​European Open Water Swimming Championships 2016 will be held from
11 till 17 July 2016 in Hoorn, The Netherlands

They intend to swim at a 1250 m triangular course.

They're still working on it but there's a great possibility that
the 2016 European OW Masters Championships and the Junior OW Championships will also take place then and there.

The 1250 m course (on a slightly new location) and all the facilities will be tested this year during the
LEN-cup race 2015-4, Ter Rede van Hoorn, ONK 10km, Hoorn, Netherlands

1# Copa de España de Aguas Abiertas

2015 is the year that the RFEN  (the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation) starts a nationwide competition.
They have chosen 15 Travesías for the 1# Copa de España de Aguas Abiertas

18 Kms Solo Swim Across Mandva Jetty to Gate Way of India

Master Sampanna Ramesh Shelar (14 years) and Master Soham  Sheth (14 years) successfully swam across Mandva Jetty to Gate Way of India, distance of 18 Kms. in the Arabian Sea on 3rd March 2015.

I was very keen that one of my marathon swimmers shall swim this stretch My former swimmers where the first ones to cover this 18 Kms grueling distance. But after, terrorist attack on Mumbai, in the year 2009, permissions from Government agencies to swim in the vicinity was stopped.

Glasgow named as co-host for European Sports Championships

GLASGOW will co-host the inaugural European Sports Championships in 2018, a multi-sport competition which is to include athletics, swimming and cycling.

The city, which hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games, will combine with Berlin for the event, with almost 3,000 athletes from aquatics, cycling, rowing and triathlon competing in Scotland.

A further 1,500 athletes will compete in Berlin as part of the venture, which will take place across 10 to 12 days.

The event will be funded jointly by Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government.

Swimming will take place at Tollcross International Swimming Centre in Glasgow, diving and synchronised swimming at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, and open-water swimming at Loch Lomond.

From triathlon to open water swimming: evolution of the challenge

Human beings are currently inhabiting a civilized society where the biggest part of our decisions relies on our rational mind rather than the instinct. Times when the human had to run faster than predators to survive or climb the highest tree to pick the fruits had now had their day. All of these actions were direct consequence of the flourishing of the most primitive human instinct -that of survival and therefore of competitiveness.

Ever since the humanity has discovered in the civilization its modus to differentiate itself from the animal world, human beings have always found the ways to affirm themselves as survivors and    enhance their most competitive self.