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Sharon van Rouwendaal vijfde op 5 kilometer bij Open Franse

KNZB (The Netherlands) - Sat, 25/05/2019 - 02:00

Na haar tweede plaats op de 10 kilometer werd Sharon van Rouwendaal (58.07,66) vandaag vijfde op de 5 kilometer tijdens de Franse Open openwaterzwemmen. Pepijn Smits (53.37,59) evenaarde de prestatie van de olympisch kampioene bij de mannen en keek tevreden terug op zijn race. Bij de vrouwen tikte Serena Stel (1:01.47,20) als 19e aan en Marij van der Mast (1:03.40,61) als 30ste. Bij de mannen volgden op een 20ste plaats Marcel Schouten (54.10,12) en Lars Bottelier (23e in 54.14,75) op korte afstand na Smits. Daarachter tikten Vincent (56.09,35) en Sander Croomans (56.10,84) respectievelijk als 38ste en 39ste aan in Brive-la-Gaillarde.

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Gesposs Nederlands kampioen Waterbasketbal

KNZB (The Netherlands) - Sat, 25/05/2019 - 02:00

Vandaag organiseerde de KNZB, in samenwerking met SVG Den Bosch, het NK Waterbasketbal in Schijndel.

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The Deep

Loneswimmer - Thu, 23/05/2019 - 22:45

Photo by loneswimmer

When you look around from wherever you are reading this, whether it’s an office, at home,on a train, you can’t see The Deep. Even if you are sitting at the coast. The words have no weight. The Deep doesn’t exist. It’s a fairy-tale with which to scare yourself. You imagine it. Step off the ladder, and swim out. Away from the pier or the rock or pontoon or boat. Not so much away a beach. Beach are emotional crutches for swimmers because beaches have a slope. Your mind holds onto that slope, makes of it what you require, stretches it out, raises it up and so the beach supports you still and allows you to avoid the idea of The Deep. So you must go off an edge. Can you get far away from what I think of as the horizontal emotional gravity of these objects? Get away so they lose their hold or their ability to provide you safety and a ready exit? Can you separate yourself from them? Can you make it out a hundred metres? Two hundred? Can you make it out to four hundred metres? It’s not a swimming ability question. Four hundred metres is nothing for you if you are a swimmer. Six, seven, eight minutes swimming. Less than two hands of time. Yet four hundred metres puts you out away where you are starting to disappear. If the water is flat, at around hundred metres you are on the edge of the edge, the outside of the littoral zone, skirting a swimmer’s offshore waters. Most of the world will never be there and of those that are, most will be on some kind of craft. At four hundred metres you are on the swimming equivalent of the upper slopes of Everest, and yet, there’s your swim gear, just over there, where the people are just walkinig around. If there is chop or wind, if any observer doesn’t have the long learned skill of learning to watch water, learning to see without looking, if they haven’t visually followed you out, then they have almost certainly lost sight you. If they never saw you go, then unless the water is flat, you do not exist. You have never existed. Do you swim out there? Do you go out beyond four hundred metres? Do you go alone? Out there you are not so much a swimmer. You are a boat. Your hands and forearms are the sails, your shoulders are the sheets and yards. Your confidence is the wind and your experience is the crew. Under you is The Deep. If you are not an offshore swimmer, and maybe even if you are, you will think about void, maybe about blackness. About a sensation that feels like it is pulling you down. You imagine the pull of The Deep is so ineluctable that you can feel it pulling you in, pulling you down. The gravity, the emotional weight, of the horizontal distance between you and your safe exit and the number of swimmers present is inversely proportionate to the pull of The Deep. If there is only you, and you are far off, the pull of The Deep is cosmic. Inure yourself. Swim out. Feel that pull. Swim back. Could you go again. Go further? Go to four hundred metres? Go to five? Go out a kilometre? When I was a teenager I read that singer Jimmy Cliff used to claim that he would swim out to sea every day until he could swim no further. And then he would turn and swim back. I wasn’t a swimmer when I read it. It’s a good story. It’s a great claim. Now I know it’s utter bombast and nonsense. Out there the ocean drains eternally beneath you into the abyss that is bowel of the world and you know that it will drag you down. You are a mote. You are no more than plankton on the skin of The Deep and it is the maelstrom of maelstroms. It is a black hole and its boundary radiation is fear. But the fundamental nature of The Deep is not what you may think it is. It’s not its literal measurement of depth. Nor is not what is in it. It is not void or blackness, nor cold nor silence, nor screaming into the water until it fills your lungs. The Deep is an idea. The Deep is you in your own physical body of a boat, your sheets and sails and crew and wind. The Deep is being utterly invisible and therefore not much different from being lost. The Deep is something some people carry inside and it’s the same and different, and knowing one Deep makes me indifferent to the other Deep. The Deep is not void, but is The Void and its inhabitants are Leviathan, Kraken, and mostly your fear, but maybe also your pain. And because of all this, when you ask me how to swim in deep water, you are not understanding me, so I can give no answer that means anything to you. The Deep is not the water beneath you. You do not swim in The Deep, you swim in yourself. The Deep is imagination. The colour of The Deep is not black or blueblack or greenblack because they are colours of water and it is more and less than water. The colour of The Deep is eigengrau. It is the colour you see when you close your eyes.
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Van Rouwendaal wordt 2e op de Open Franse kampioenschappen 10 km

Netherlands Open Water Web - Thu, 23/05/2019 - 21:23

Sharon van Rouwendaal is donderdag bij haar rentree als tweede geëindigd op de 10 kilometer open water van de open Franse kampioenschappen.


Gelukkig had ze dus niet (teveel) last van haar schouder. bron

nieuws - internationaal
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A Behind the Scenes Look at USA Swimming Foundation Ambassadors on "Today"

USA Swimming - Thu, 23/05/2019 - 18:55

On Wednesday, May 22, USA Swimming Foundation Ambassadors Nathan Adrian, Missy Franklin, Rowdy Ga...

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Sharon van Rouwendaal tweede bij Open Franse kampioenschappen

KNZB (The Netherlands) - Thu, 23/05/2019 - 02:00

Bij de Open Franse kampioenschappen openwaterzwemmen in Brive-la-Gaillarde is Sharon van Rouwendaal tweede geworden op de 10 kilometer. Serene Stel tikte als negentiende aan. Bij de mannen speelden Pepijn Smits, Marcel Schouten en Lars Bottelier geen rol van betekenis, met respectievelijk een 18e, 19e en 38ste plaats. Na dit weekeinde wordt het definitieve team bekendgemaakt dat tijdens het wereldkampioenschap van komende zomer in het Zuid-Koreaanse Yeosu in actie komt.

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Prestatie-eisen voor EK zwemmen

KNZB (The Netherlands) - Thu, 23/05/2019 - 02:00

De KNZB publiceert vandaag de prestatie-eisen voor de Europese Kampioenschappen korte baan 2019 en lange baan 2020. Deze worden gehouden in respectievelijk Glasgow en Boedapest.

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The USA Swimming Foundation Day of Giving is Today

USA Swimming - Wed, 22/05/2019 - 16:21

So many of our donors, officials, coaches, alumni, parents, and friends have already said ye...

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Make a Splash Tour presented by Phillips 66 Makes its Historic 50th Stop

USA Swimming - Wed, 22/05/2019 - 00:54

From Citi Field to the top of the Empire State Building, the USA Swimming Foundation is in New Yo...

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Help count bathers in bid to stop pollution

Wild Swimming - Tue, 21/05/2019 - 07:51

The Ilkley Gazette reports: ILKLEY Clean River Campaign is applying for the River Wharfe to be designated for swimming in a bid to rid it of pollution.

Ilkley would be the first in the UK to achieve this status if it can be proved that the public plays, paddles and swims in the river.

Becky Malby, of the campaign group said: “We are applying for Designated Bathing Water status between the Old Bridge and Denton Bridge to cover the entire area where locals and tourists enjoy the river. This would put pressure on the water agencies to ensure they are not polluting the river with raw sewage, and would make our river fit to paddle and play in.

“To prove that we need a clean river we are required to count people on the river bank and playing in the river over the period May 15 to September 30.

“To do this we need to photograph (long shot not close up) and count people in the river at least 20 times over the summer. We need to count the number of adults and children separately, and state the numbers related to swimming, paddling, playing (inflatables), and on the riverbank. We are looking for volunteers to help us with the counting. We provide you with a Ilkley Clean River Group t-shirt, clicker, form and information flyers (as people are bound to ask what you are up too). You volunteer to do two or more counts in one week (choose your week) between May and September. You count when there are a lot of people there!

“We will present the interim results at a Town Meeting on the 11th July and also update everyone on the results of the Citizen Water Testing. If you have comments on the Designated Bathing Water Status, or can volunteer for counting please let us know on our website https://sites.google.com/view/cleanwharfeilkley/home?authuser=0

or Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Ilkley-Clean-River-Group-431201944302819/

Ilkley Clean River Group’s second Ilkley Town Meeting is on July 11 from 5.30pm – 7pm in Christchurch.

Data from the citizen testing and the bathing count will be shared and MP John Grogan will be there along with new Town Mayor, Mark Stidworthy.

Becky added: “Do come and hear our progress and contribute your thoughts to the campaign and contribute to the consultation on Bathing Water Status.”

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A Day at the Astoria Pool (and Where to Refuel Nearby)

New York Times Swimming - Tue, 21/05/2019 - 00:30
We’ll help you have a lovely, lazy, classic day at the pool, right here in New York, and make sure you eat well afterward.
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Open Water Zwemmen in België

Netherlands Open Water Web - Mon, 20/05/2019 - 20:33

De Vlaamse Zwemfederatie zal dit jaar zelf ook een open water wedstrijd organiseren. 

De Flanders Speedo Open Water Cup. 

Deze wedstrijd zal doorgaan op 4 augustus 2019.  Op deze dag is er bij jullie geen open water wedstrijd gepland.

Mogen we jullie dan ook vragen om de link naar de webpagina van deze wedstrijd, ook op jullie website te plaatsen (onder buitenlandse wedstrijden):


Daarnaast vinden jullie in >> deze link << ook onze open water brochure (op het einde van de brochure vinden jullie de Nederlandse kalender terug).

Ook deze brochure mogen jullie, indien gewenst, online zetten.

Alvast bedankt!

Inge Leeten

wedstrijd (event) BEL-KBZBnieuws - BelgiëKBZB (klassementswedstrijd)
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Van Rouwendaal heeft weer last van schouder: 'Zijn donkere tijden'

Netherlands Open Water Web - Mon, 20/05/2019 - 17:21

"Het zijn donkere tijden." Was getekend, Sharon van Rouwendaal. De zwemster heeft opnieuw schouderklachten en baalt daar - vanzelfsprekend - stevig van.

"Ik heb al een tijdje weer pijn aan mijn schouder", schrijft Van Rouwendaal op Instagram.

De olympische kampioene in het open water van Rio 2016 volgt daardoor een aangepast trainingsprogramma en liet wedstrijden links liggen.

Lees het artikel @NOS

nieuws - NederlandNederland
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City Swim Zwolle

Netherlands Open Water Web - Mon, 20/05/2019 - 16:20
Datum: zaterdag, 31 augustus, 2019 (Hele dag)

Hallo, op zaterdag 31 augustus vindt de 6e editie van de City Swim Zwolle plaats. Volwassenen leggen een rondje van ruim 2,5 km af in de stadsgracht van Zwolle (ook estafette mogelijk). Daarnaast is er een jeugdafstand van 500 meter voor jeugd van 10 t/m 15 jaar (t/m 12 jaar onder begeleiding van een volwassene).

Voor meer informatie: www.cityswimzwolle.nl

wedstrijd (event) NED-ongebondenZwolle - NED
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Amsterdam City Swim: Samen gaan we de strijd aan tegen ALS

KNZB (The Netherlands) - Mon, 20/05/2019 - 02:00

De inschrijving voor de Amsterdam City Swim 2019 is geopend! De 8e editie van de ACS vindt plaats op zondag 8 september 2019.

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Amsterdam City Swim: Samen gaan we de strijd aan tegen ALS.

KNZB (The Netherlands) - Mon, 20/05/2019 - 02:00

De inschrijving voor de Amsterdam City Swim 2019 is geopend! De 8e editie van de ACS vindt plaats op zondag 8 september 2019.

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NK Waterbasketbal en Dirk Kuyt Foundation Kampioenendag

KNZB (The Netherlands) - Mon, 20/05/2019 - 02:00

Op zaterdag 25 mei organiseert de KNZB, in samenwerking met SVG Den Bosch, het NK Waterbasketbal in Schijndel. Een aantal dagen later, op donderdag 30 mei is in Noordwijk de Dirk Kuyt Foundation Kampioenendag. 

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