Македонски куп во далечинско пливање "КОЗЈАК" - Nat. Champ. Kozjak Marathon, Macedonia

Wednesday, 7 August, 2013 (All day)



Organized by the Swimming Federation of Macedonia, Saturday, August 31, 2013 the largest artificial Akomulacija Kozjak for the first time will be held the state championship in distance swimming - KOZJAK marathon.

The technical organization will take - a clear, public company established by the Government.

Basically the goal of this national championship is a system of competitions for upcoming Olympics, the Republic of Macedonia to ensure the participation of their representatives in the Olympic discipline - swimming distance of 10km. Natprevaruanjeto pravlnikot under the Swimming Federation of Macedonia 'will hold further 5km and 2.5km and in all categories of swimmers. Projected paths have roundabouts on the route from m.v Blizansko towards the bridge over the reservoir Kozjak and back.

Access road from Skopje Skopje regional road / Mark Monastery / New Breznica / Tower (CLEAR) / "Bridge Blizansko" / Accumulation Kozjak side of Makedonski Brod, p. Belica weekend settlement Pine Breznica / "Bridge Blizansko" / Accumulation Kozjak.


  • 2.5 miles (13 to 14 yr.)
  • 5km (15 to 17 yr.)
  • 10km (over 17 years).

* Participants of competition can only be members of clubs registered in PFM.

* Provided a prize fund of 300,000.00 denars.


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