Велешко Езеро - Lake Veles, Macedonia

Sunday, 17 August, 2014 (All day)


Swimming Federation of the Republic of Macedonia, as a body is always trying to raise the level of sports events in the country this year despite marathon swimming and Accumulation Kozjak Dojransko Lake, organize and Macedonian Cup distance swimming in Lake Accumulation Veles. Although these developments contribute to the development of swimming as a sport in the country, offering young people the opportunity to learn about these beautiful and yet so eksloatirani tourist destinations in Macedonia in a funny way.

This was organized by the PFM and the technical cooperation and organization in a clear, public enterprise established by the Government, we invite you to join us on the big sports event MACEDONIAN REMOTE SWIMMING Cup 2014 which will be held on:

- Lake Veles - 17.08.2014 year

- Accumulation Kozjak - 30.08.2014 year

- Dojransko Lake - 06.09.2014 year

Race these remote piles swimming will take place in several categories, 2.5 km and 5 km Olympic discipline - 10 km men's and women's.

Application for Macedonian Cup distance swimming in 2014 can be downloaded here .

Consent of a parent can be downloaded here .