Cork Distance Week 2015, Ireland

Saturday, 4 July, 2015 (All day) to Sunday, 12 July, 2015 (All day)

Cork Distance Week

This year’s Cork Distance Week takes place for 9 days from 4th July, 2015. For more information on the camp, click here.

Schedule for the Camp
16 swim sessions as follows:

  • Days 1 to 8 (Saturday to Saturday): morning and evening swims (typically 2 hours a session)
  • Day 2 Sunday: Total Brain & Body Confusion Swim (this is a torture swim designed to push each swimmer to their physical, emotional and psychological limits)
  • Day 9 Sunday: 6 hours (to qualify for some swims like the English Channel solo). Some swimmers taper and find a calm bit of water for their 6 hour…in Cork we call it the qualification for the LAST 6 hours of your next marathon swim.


Swimmers pay their transportation, lodging and food while in Cork. Typically foreign swimmers are coming together to rent 4 person cottages (€275 each – or so) with kitchens and split a car rental.

There are several possible swimming fees:

  • €50 for 10 named sessions including the 6 hour (that’s €50 total…not per day)
  • €60 for day 2 to be tortured!

These fees will increase either in the Spring or when the number of attendees creeps above fifty.

There will be 2 or 3 public swims (swimmers can rest or swim – their choice) including Loch Allua (8km) on Day 1 and the ‘Vibes and Scribes’ Lee Swim (2km) on Day 8.  These are optional and have a cost of about €35 each. You sign up and pay these entry fees directly by clicking on their links closer to the time.

To complete the 16 sessions there will be 1 or more ‘point to point’ swims. They require additional safety measures so will be limited to the swimmers who are comfortable, confident, competent and cruise faster than 2 miles/hour (or so). These have no cost, but will be invitation only – for safety reasons.

Any surplus funds go to the Sandycove Island Swim Club – typically to offset the drinks bill at the annual marathon dinner.

For more information about the 2015 Cork Distance Week, or questions on eligibility (it is invitation only for safety reasons), please email: