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משחה כף כרמל 2# Cape Carmel swimming, Leonardo-ליאונרדו Israel

Friday, 12 June, 2015 - 07:00


Premiere of marine grease around the coffee spoon will be a historic Carmel
Cape Carmel swimming,
With magnificent views from the sea to the land, ground engaging, surprising, and virginal,
And a completely new angle of land Isral.bauth presence coastline win
Constant of giant sea turtles, and the occasional visits of playful dolphins.
We will gather at 5:45 on the Carmel coast (near Leonardo)
After registration numbers participating shuttle buses superior to the starting point.
Length of 4.4 km swim at 7:00 Iosenk boats with rescue teams, medical staff, and kayaking.
Boltim.mhdort buoys will be marked route is not competitive debut,
So no time will be measured. You can be swimming with fins,
Swimming suits, and so on.

Spoon paste debut Carmel promises to be a thrilling summer indulgence.
So just before the open water season who lived out its summer recess,
This magical adventure
Do not miss ...

The race is limited to 200 participants.