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משחה התנינים – הרפתקאות האיים -Ointment crocodiles 2015 - Adventure Island, Israel

Sunday, 4 October, 2015 - 07:00



Competitive long edge 4.5 km 07:10  
Competitive end-to-medium 3 km 07:50  
Competitive short edge 1.5 km 08:10  
Popular assigns 700 m 08:45  

This is not just a paste - this adventure!
In one of the secret and hidden beaches in Israel, at the foot of Ma'agan
Michael approaching the mouth of river crocodiles, jutting from the sea bed five magical islands.
Ointment crocodiles - adventure islands, will seek the magical islands and around
Cut water swimming fascinating marine environment, pristine nature combine with
Popular and competitive swimming, and honor the memory of Neary and Amiram rose late.
Beyond personal adventure and swimming, there will be a special end-Courier quartets, divided
Age groups. No such ointment here since Herod!
You paste preparation, adventure, discovery and excitement -alino.hmshachh is part of the League of ZOGGS ".

Meeting of the leap: Michael anchorage Beach starting at 06:00