Velotive 2015 Gorran Haven (The Gwinges), Great Britain

Saturday, 1 August, 2015 - 16:45

Saturday 1st August – Gorran Haven (The Gwinges)

The Swim at Gorran Haven is an exciting one for us, it will be the longest swim in the series coming in at approximately 3.8km. As the story goes, during a freezing February gale in 1838 a ship named the Almond, hit the Gwinges. Almond was loaded with brandies from Charente, (southwest France), and she burst to pieces in five minutes, but her stern and cargo were quickly washed to the beach, where – according the West Briton newspaper – ‘a regular scramble ensued’. This wasn’t surprising, for Gorran Haven’s tiny population were suddenly confronted by 300 to 400 casks of brandy. The paper reported that order was restored once the coastguard showed up, but it was a bit vague about the final number of casks that were eventually rolled into safekeeping. So to commemorate this story this each winner will be given a bottle of Brandy.

The swim is a simple out and back around the Gwinges rocks that can be seen from the beach and will be approximately 3.8 km in distance

To enter this event please visit SIEntries on and search for the Velotive Sea Swim series or click on the link below. You can also enter the old fashion way by emailing and asking for an entry form.