14# Daróczy virtus-úszás - Daróczy Derring-do distance swimming 15K, Paks - Kalocsa, Hungary

Saturday, 25 July, 2015 - 09:00


Daróczy Derring-do of Swimming in Hungary

A distance swimming event will be organised trough the river Danube between Paks-Kalocsa (15 km).

It will be held on the 2015.VII.25. (YYYY.MM.DD.).

Any swimmer can take part in the event in case of personal responsibility.

Start: nearby the bus station of Paks, down to the river. You need to be there between 9-10 am.

Finish: Meszes-Danube-bank

Fee: 2000-2500 Ft (~ 7 £, 10 €).

You will be given:

  • a registration number (barcode),
  • a logo printed swimming hat,
  • option to transfer your belongines to the finish line,
  • to convoy boots, lifeboots, motorboats,
  • mineral water and grape-sugar during the swim event,
  • your safety will be guaranteed by the presence of doctors and scuba-divers,
  • a picture of you to remember how you looked like after 2-3 hours of swim,
  • a logo printed T-shirt,
  • 'one-plate-food' (stew, pickled cucumber, bread),
  • transportation back to the startline by ferry to the outher side and bus if wanted.

Daróczy Feat Swimming

The traditions of Paks, as a Danube side settlement, have been closely interwoven with water sports and water related way of life. The earliest sport memories indicative of this fact are associated with the barons Daróczy from the second half of the Nineteenth. Jointly with their friends they swam down on the Danube, among others on 16 August 1886, to a newly constructed pub in Uszód 7 km). To the memory of this event we decided to organise a long distance swimming called `Daróczy Derrind-do of Swimming' from Paks to Kalocsa (15 km) 2015.VII.25. (YYYY.MM.DD.).

We, a team of 57, already tested this water route from Paks to Kalocsa last year. This pioneer adventure was quite successful therefore we have decided to organise this sport event regularly, every year from this time on.

For this reason, we hereby invite you to join us and take part in this unforgettable sport event.

The river Danube is about 550 - 650 m wide in this reach and has a flow velocity of approximately 4 - 5 km/h. The water temperature is between 20 and 24 °C.

We will start from Paks and immediately cross over to the other side of the river and will keep swimming downstream up to Kalocsa, within a 50 - 100 m band from the river bank. The trip will take about 2 or 2.5 hours. After landing at Kalocsa, refreshments and lavatory facilities are available to the swimmers who will be returned to Paks by ferry and coach.

Welcome to all sportsmen wishing to test their swimming capabilities under controlled conditions. This long distance swimming is also intended to demonstrate that the surroundings of our Nuclear Power Plant are free of any dangerous environmental discharge.

Registrations and/or inquiries for more details can be transmitted to the e-mail address gyulai@npp.hu.