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3# OrfűFitt Pécsi-tó Át-és Körbeúszás, Orfű, Hungary

Sunday, 9 August, 2015 - 10:00

1800 m
4200 m



-Átúszóknak: 1800 m

-Körbeúszóknak: 4200 m



-Átúszóknak: Hiking Bar Thirsty (Seal Lake dam side)

-Körbeúszóknak Orfű Jurtatábor Fit (Orfű Dollar u. 36)

Date: Sunday 9 August 2015

-Átúszóknak: 10:00 start and welcome

-Körbeúszóknak: 10:15 greeting, and then start.

Meeting at 8 am both starting spot

Entry: To enter the online entry form, or the site can be. Please choose for web application, which greatly facilitates the work of the organizers. On-site registration and check-in (for online registration), 8 am to start the race venue. The entry fee can be paid at the spot. The entry fee includes the provision of swimming, medical supervision, refreshments, hot dogs, badge and certificate.


Orfű Fit jurtatáborban pleasant sitting waiting for the swimmers. Here megszárítkozhatnak, átöltözhetnek participants. In addition, each guest sausages swimming and refreshment. Souvenir badge and a certificate is given free.


All participants participate at your own risk, and by completing the entry form that does not endanger the health of swimming.

The event will affect the weather, so the organizers reserve the right to change.

If you can book accommodation, please contact us at: orfufitt@gmail.com 70 / 40-82-329.