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Attraversata Bocche di Bonifacio - Sardinia to Corsica crossing, Italy

Friday, 26 June, 2015 (All day) to Sunday, 28 June, 2015 (All day)

From Sardinia to Corsica or vice versa
Depending on weather one day: June 26 to 28 starting from Baia Santa Reparata 05:30



... ...perciò i Focei si diressero verso Cirno*: infatti nell'isola di Cirno, vent'anni prima, a seguito di un oracolo, avevano fondato una città chiamata Alalia.
Herodotus I, 165 * Cirno, son of Heracles, eponymous hero of Corsica

Place: Strait of Bonifacio, from Faro Capo Testa Capo Pertusato or vice versa.

Distance: 80 stages (15 km)

Arrival Hotel Strait of Bonifacio: before 19:00 of June 25, 2015.

Useful days to cross: 26,27,28 June 2015. In the event of adverse sea weather weather- particular day will be decided an alternative route inshore of the same distance.

Departure of the crossing from Sardinia: 5:30 from Baia Santa Reparata is a 5-minute walk from the hotel with meeting at 5:15. Times and places of departure / landing will always be communicated the day before the departure.

Suitable conditions for the crossing: current for at least 2/3 of the entire distance with waves less than / equal to 50 cm.

Water temperature last 5 years in the Strait of Bonifacio: between 18 and 20 C °.
Water temperatures of less / equal to 20 ° C will be allowed the use of the suit or swimsuit fabric with animal and vegetable fats.
For temperatures above 20 ° C custom fabric rubberized not approved.
Registration: limited number of 20 swimmers and a minimum of 10 for the performance of the crossing
Registration opening date: April 20, 2015
Registration closing date: May 23, 2015
the number of punching the swimmer will comply with the number of time.

Registration fee: € 110, includes goody bag, lunch typical Sardinian contribution of EUR 2 for the construction of a water well in Africa, assistance and logistics for the crossing.

Organization: Jordan Pesaresi and The Yacht Club Friends of the Sea (assistance kayaks and rafts of support).
Contacts: Jordan Pesaresi 3471924078 for swimmers
Stefano Grassi 3397319060 for kayakers
Bankers: IT 63E 0854 9374 91 0000 6019 1830

Hotel Straits of Bonifacio:
Double room with breakfast € 56
Triple (2 + 1) with breakfast euro 61
Double room + twin with breakfast € 66
Half-board € 55 per person
Contacts: Marilena Murru 0789-754202 - cell.3471119509



1- The organization in contact with CP and CP La Maddalena Bonifacio decide the day suitable for the crossing.
2- The organization reserves the right to change the time and place of departure and landing in the case of sudden changes in the weather and sea conditions and the weather.
3-The hour and place of departure will be communicated to swimmers at least 10 hours before the scheduled time.
4- The swimmers at the start will be guided by a single kayaker and after about 1000 meters will be joined by Kayakers. The latter being arranged in right and left will form a kind of corridor to protect swimmers assisting them to the landing.
5- CRA (check regularly crossed), buoy or boat after 4 Km from the start with a through within 80 minutes. OBLIGATION rule properly after disqualification, in the following way:
6- CRA buoy or boat about 3 km from the landing course or Sardinian:
obligation to rule as above with passage within 240 minutes from the start prior recovery.
7- The crossing must be completed within 300 minutes from the start.
8- During the crossing, in the case of aggravation of the weather and sea conditions, the organization will decide whether:
a- place un'arrivo flying at sea marked by a buoy / boat, touch with one hand by the swimmer notice.
b- suspension of the crossing and the recovery of the swimmers.
c- changing times in the CRA and final.
9- - Swimmer recalled, by the organization, will soon go up on the boat without opposition support.
10-The organization will have available support vessels suitable for the recovery of the swimmers, one of which is equipped with a doctor with the defibrillator.
11- For the swimmer:
a- valid medical certificate
b- valid ID
c- curriculum swimming past 3 years, write time of swimming in open water over distances of 13, 15 and 18 Km is with calm seas (absence of wave and current) and with sea having 20/30 cm wave for or against the current.
d- The registration is valid only if made on the same day: sending emails and bank.

Email: general Swimmer, medical certificate, identification, curriculum swimming accurate and complete bank run by swimmer and not by third parties. 12- The first 3 landed on the ground will be rewarded in local accommodation facilities.