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Eco-storica del Conero, Italy

Sunday, 30 August, 2015 - 05:00

15 km
4 km




Navigating inshore as They taught us

Sea area already sailed since the ninth century. BC by Greeks, Sicilians, Syracusans and Celts. They have handed down the old landing, did the economic history of the
Conero, swim in historical, natural and cultural.
Monte Conero (ANKO'N = = cubitus elbow) "by the change of direction that takes the coastline."
Here geological phenomena, the action of sea and wind have shaped the coast resulting in coves, bays and beaches with white pebbles
constituting a veritable wealth of bio-diversity.
Today our points of departure and arrival are located roughly in the vicinity of the two oldest seaports
Ancona (IV century BC-) and Numana (IX century BC) already landmarks of Greek shipping.
Swimmers will depart at 6:15 from the Passetto di Ancona and come to Spiaggiola Numana along 80 stages.
Subscribers will swim inshore, as our ancestors did, by the sea area used for bathing.
At first, they meet the Reefs Long and rocks that protect the horse from the sea caves typical of fishermen, called "Grottaroli" who with their rowing boats will monitor the participants.
Stroke after stroke after paddling and paddling you will arrive at BEAM. It is a rare example of a natural wharf consists of a sandstone horizon relatively resistant, interposed between more erodible clay rocks by the sea. Sponsorship of kayakers to swimmers.
1 CRN (check regularly swim) or red buoy boat with necessary step by the swimmer within 105 minutes from the start, prior recovery. 5 km routes already, exchange-relay.
Obligation to rule: ANKO'N, punching number, name, surname eg. ANKO'N 1, Alessandro Pilati.
Along the beach you will come to Mezzavalle Portonovo, where overlooking the sea, are the Napoleonic Fort, the Watchtower, the church of Santa Maria and finally Scoglio della Vela that closes the bay, always keep inshore.
The cliff is made 'increasingly high and the swimmers will pass in front of the beach of the Gulls and the rocks called
THE TWO SISTERS. Beautiful natural monuments formed by the erosion selective marine processes similar to those mentioned above (beam), from which they differ because they consist of the oldest formation of the stove.
2nd CRN red buoy or boat with necessary step by the swimmer within 250 minutes from the start, prior recovery. Obligation to rule as above 11 km routes already exchange-relay.
The beach of the same name, called the Two Sisters start of the 21 stages at 9:20, marking the entrance in the south slope of Mount Conero, the cliffs begins to fall and the swimmers meet the bay of Sassi Blacks, the Urbani beach Sirolo up to arrive at the north of Spiaggiola of Numana 20 meters from the shoreline, to simulate and to witness the landing ground of the Greek colonists.
The location of the old landing has survived thanks to ceramic finds, mainly from the kitchen that will coincide with the prize to the first landed.
After the award (for those who adhere) there will be a friendly moment where they will be tasted local seafood and organic local tasting of traditional delicacies like the settlers used to feed:
-acetaria spelled: spelled, celery, carrot, sepia, garum
-acetaria chickpea: chickpea, olive oil, salt, bay leaves, pork rind, garum
-epityrum (sauce): olives, oil, garlic, parsley, chopped pepper, garum.
- Bio-bread baked in a wood.
"Eating is a common ritual for thousands of years now, but it is obviously a ritual that has taken on very different aspects of being the product of the time, the place of the circumstances in which it occurs and the culture of the company that either sets the rules.
Sit at the table and preparing the table are so important actions and never random.
Everything that characterizes our table ... is thus the result of an elaboration of our own culture, also culinary, of our society. "

The big whale (Monte Conero) awaits you !!

PROGRAM 80 and 21 STAGES (15, 4 KM)

16:00: meeting open to all those who help to promote the event and make it safe description of the route 80 and 21 stages, draw and allocation kayakers, survey the landing ground to Spiaggiola of Numana.

Sunday, August 30, 2015
05:05 Meet at the Visitor Center Conero Park (80 stages)
05:15 Departure bus to the Passetto di Ancona (80 stages)
06:07 Entrance in water swimmers. (80 stages)
8:00 BEAM-1 CNR, changing relay (80 stages)
08:00 Meeting at the parking in front of the harbor of Numana boarding Gita Le Due Sorelle, route description and punching (21 stages).
10:25 The TWO SISTERS -2 ° CNR, changing relay (80 stages)
11:00 Maximum time for the landing ground to Spiaggiola of Numana, 21 stages
12:15 Maximum time for the landing ground to Spiaggiola of Numana, 80 stages
13:00 Award 80 stages and 21 stages
13:30 convivial moment

In case of adverse weather forecasts established in the days before the organization may anticipate the swim the day before, that is Saturday, August 29 with reception and registration Friday, August 28th, with the same program.

Date of registration 15 June 2015
Data registration closes July 31, 2015

Registration fee 80 STAGES IN SOLITARY € 60
The swim will take place only with a minimum number of 10 swimmers. Otherwise it will be canceled and the shares already paid will be reimbursed except for expenses.
Entries will be accepted until August 7, 2015 by applying an additional 30 € without ensuring the presence of the paddler.

Registration fee 80 STAGE TEAM euro 150 including boat
The number of teams are allowed five (5) distinct from the color of your cap.

Inscription write TEAM ECO-HISTORICAL Conero 2015 Name of Foreman.
In the form indicate the path for each swimmer:
- The Passetto di Ancona at the beam (5 km) .... Name Surname Swimmer
- From beam to Two Sisters (6 km) ......... Name Surname Swimmer
- The Two Sisters in Numana (4 km) ......... Name Surname Swimmer



General Regulations

1. L 'ECO-HISTORIC CONERO is a swim inshore having historical, cultural and natural (80 and 21 stages).
2. Each participant will have to swim inshore regularly ie between the shoreline and the buoys that mark the right to bathe. Keeping to the right on the coast and the sea is clearly visible on the left (80 and 21 stages).
3. Each SWIMMER must be in possession of a medical certificate for sports valid (80 and 21 stages).
4. The route will be marked by 2 buoys red / boats at the two characteristic features of the natural park of the Conero, the beam after 5km and two sisters after 11 km from the start. Either they carry out checks regularly swim with pronunciazione compulsory prior recovery from the organization, and the change-swimmer for the team (80 stages).
5. The route will be marked by boats and kayaks to the landing ground (21 stages).
6. Each swimmer will be assisted by five (5) kilometers (from the beam then) from his kayaker awarded the previous day for mining (80 stages).
7. The KAYAKER-server will have the role of:
indicate the proper course to swimmer;
assist in supplies;
do not give any kind of help or physical contact;
be alert and in touch with boats bearing motor (80 stages lonely).
8. The relay-team will be composed of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 3 swimmers.
Each team must automunirsi of:
- A person with experience to guide their boat;
- A cap of the same color to the members of the team;
- A banner of size 70 cm to 100 cm with the same color of the cap of the team.
The colors of the headphones will be allocated according to the chronological order of registration:
- Headphone red to the first team entered;
- Headphone yellow to the second team entered;
- Ear of green to the third team entered;
- Headphone blue team entered the fourth;
- Headphone white team entered the fifth.
Close exchange and Beam stabiliti- Two Sorelle- the swimmer in the back to join starting coming for about 20 meters, after which it will give five (with the hand), one will continue and the other will board the boat (80 stadiums team).
9. Swimmers who do not respect the times will be recovered by the self-declared in the inscription.
(Eg. I declare that I get to the beam (5 km) within 105 minutes, if after 80 minutes or covered just 3 km will go dinghy).
10. All means of support motor organization will sail with recognizable flag outside the coastal strip used for bathing and intervene only when necessary (80 and 21 stages).
11. The organization will monitor means first aid at sea and ashore where available (80 and 21 stages).
12. The organization accepts no responsibility for damage that could result to both competitors and third parties or property, before, during and after the event not related to the event and to the path (80 and 21 stages).
13. A swim started, in case of sudden deterioration of the weather and sea conditions the organization will decide whether:
- Suspend swims with recovery of the swimmers.
- Anticipating the arrival of the Bay of Portonovo (80 and 21 stages)

Registration fee EUR 30 21 STAGES
The swim will take place only with a minimum number of students of 30 swimmers, not reaching that number will be canceled and the shares will be redeemed excluding charges.

The registration fee includes:
- Contribution of EUR 2 for the construction of a water well in Africa (stages 80 and 21);
- Insurance coverage (80 and 21 stages);
- Transfer at the start (80 and 21 stages);
- Bio-buffet after the race (16 stages);
- Convivial, lunch (80 stages);
- Logistics and services.

Registrations via online form at www.nuotatadelconero.it must be accompanied by the receipt of the payment made by bank
banking and emailed to comunica@cisei.info:
Header: CISEI - Experimental Center of Intercultural Education
At: Banca Popolare Etica
Reason: Ecostorica Conero 2015 - Name
IBAN: IT 02 D 050 180 000 000 128 451 2600
(Bank transfer and mail carried by the swimmer in writing on the same day)

Will be awarded to the first 6 landed on the ground 80 stages (men and women), the first six of the 21 stages (men and women) and the first team arrived.