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Swim in the Yugoslav Submarine Tunnels (Bunkers)

Swim in the Yugoslav Submarine Tunnels (Bunkers)

Most of you must remember the former Yugoslavia, at least from TV news. It was a union of 6 Republics formed into a Federation. Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia (including the regions of Kosovo and Vojvodina).
In the year of 1991 Croatia and Slovenia became the first republics to declare independence from Yugoslavia. During the recent Balkan war (1991-2001) many of these countries were not were appealing to visit, but times have changed now. Many call know these countries as the Balkans!

The Adriatic coast has a beautiful sea as part of the Mediterranean and it attracts many tourists and holiday makers every year. 

And this leads to great open water swimming opportunities between hundreds of Croatian islands and inlets, etc. Tour operation Strel Swimming has been running week long Croatia swimming camps for several years.

One of the most adventure part of these trips if swimming in the submarine tunnels. In Croatia they swim in the Hitler's Eye Tunnel which was built by Germans during World War 2. Tunnel is often also called bunker or U-boat pen. Tunnel is 250 m long  and 15 m deep.

In Montenegro Strel trip includes swimming the submarine tunnels which were built by the Yugoslav Army in the Bay of Kotor near village called Rose. Most tunnels are pretty dark the more you go in, but Strel team says it is safe if you do it properly and they have had no incidents in the past years. "People love it and it is a very exhilarating moment. "

Youtube video https://youtu.be/62IW-hOXgeM