Marty Veen honored for his contributions

2016-03-04 - Rotterdam - The Netherlands - Marty Veen is inducted into the IMSHoF in the class of 2015. This has been reported on Dutch website and Marty was not able to come to the formal gathering last year and due to his health he could not come when Ned Denison came to The Netherlands. It was however high time he received the decorations that go with the induction.

Wendy and Richard Broer (member of the IMSHoF board) met with Ned Denison last year to receive the decorations. We had a nice dinner at an Indonesian restaurant in The Hague. No we dod not want to shock Ned with the spicy Indonesian kitchen, he specifically requested it.

Wendy and Richard are friends with Marty and Ole. And we sometimes eat out together. So an occasion was created when Marty and Ole were in Rotterdam for a few days off and some visits to musea.

The venue was a train carriage of DDR-heritage in the center of Rotterdam. Gare du Nord, the restaurant, was situated in it. The restaurant was biological Vegan. A first time for Wendy and I. In this ambiance the official part was done by handing over the diploma, engraved trophy, sash and medal. He was reminded of his contributions to open water swimming.

Below some pictures of the dinner.