Flight or Fight in the Ice? Learn How From Ger Kennedy

Irish ice swimmer Ger Kennedy will be one of the featured speakers at the upcoming WOWSA Talks & WOWSA Awards at The Olympic Club in San Francisco on November 9th - 11th. His talk is entitled Flight or Fight in the Ice.

The tough Irishman will explain in detail his preparations to swim 2 km in 0.5°C water and air temperatures of -15°C in Russia under the International Ice Swimming Association rules. "From my experience, knowing how difficult and painful the recovery is in 0°C water really challenges one's mental strength and desire to push your limits or not." 

He will describe his fight-or-flight response on the day of his swim and how he handled the acute stress response and physiological reactions that occurred in response to the frigid conditions. He also will show a video on his re-warming recovery process and explain the requisite protocols that are taken to avoid serious injury or death as well as the after effects of his swim.

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