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Swimming around Hong Kong Island: Edie Hu attempts to circle the city for charity and become first woman to try since 1976

Edie Hu will swim 45 kilometres around Hong Kong Island for the charity Splash that teaches domestic helpers and underprivileged children to swim

When Edie Hu attempts to swim around Hong Kong Island on November 3, it is not the physical aspect of the 45 kilometres that worries her.

“I already know most of it is mental, I think physically I can make it already,” she said.

“There are parts of the course that feel like you are never going to reach the next part. Like from Cape D’Aguilar to the Stanley headland is a very long stretch and you can be a bit despondent.”

Not many people have attempted the mammoth swim. In 1976, Linda McGill completed the challenge and then the next person was Simon Holliday just last year.

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