What Happens to Your Body on a Long-Distance Swim

Ross Edgley, a British athlete and fitness enthusiast, is currently on a mission to swim 2,000 miles around the coast of Great Britain. That means spending 12 hours a day in cold, sea jelly–filled currents. The feat has been a dream of his since childhood, and after talking to rowers and gauging his ability to work with tides, Edgley realized it just might be possible. “People have run around Great Britain, they’ve sailed around it, they’ve cycled around it, but no one has ever swam all the way around,” he says.

When he set out on June 1, Edgley planned to complete the swim in 100 days. Due to stormy weather and unfavorable tides, he now expects it to take about 145 days—putting him back on land in late October. He’s swimming two six-hour stints per day and returning to the support boat to eat and sleep in between.

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