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Fort Myers native Paul Asmuth dives into writing about his marathon swimming life

Paul Asmuth is a Fort Myers youth swimmer who became one of the top marathon swimmers in the world. He held the record for swimming the English Channel. He also was a seven-time marathon swimming champion. He has written a book about his faith and how it helped with his swimming.
Andrew West/The News-Press

Paul Asmuth had every reason in the world to end his open-water, marathon swimming career before it really started.

About two hours – or one-fourth – of the way into his first 23-mile swim, he had pain in his elbow and lower back unlike anything he'd experienced. His neck ached because he never had to crane like that in a swimming a pool. He also vomited from swallowing salt water, got stung numerous times by jellyfish and put out of his mind a big shark sighting earlier in the week.

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