Diving into the past of the Dutch New Year’s Dive

So, have you done it yet, the New Year’s Dive? Although it has grown into a distinct Dutch tradition, the New Year’s Dive does not actually originate from the Netherlands.

What is the New Year’s Dive exactly?

It is quite simply what it says on the tin, a dive into a cold body of water to ring in the New Year. It rather literally gives you a fresh start. And it is really that easy, jumping into cold water. Perhaps its simplicity is what has made it so popular.

Nowadays, thousands of people across the country gather in several locations to splash into the cool depths after a party filled New Year’s Eve. But it wasn’t always this way. The first edition of the New Year’s Dive in 1960 in the Netherlands was much smaller and the 1965 edition in Scheveningen only had seven participants.

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