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Ice Swimming In The Netherlands

IISA Netherlands was established on September 4th 2017 by Richard Broer, Fergil Hesterman and Christa Hesterman-van Beers. 

The board of directors includes the three co-founders, Irene van der Laan, a dual inductee in the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, and Dr. Jac Guijt. 
Hesterman explains the Dutch governing body, "We promote the ice swimming in the Netherlands by setting up training groups and encouraging people to organize their own competitions.

This season we have three competitions: the Amstel Ice Swim that is held in the city center of Amsterdam, the Dutch Championships Ice Swimming, organized by the Openwater Swimming Club in the swimming pool Zwembad de Waterdam in Volendam, and the Bodengraven Ice Swim, organized by the Surfplas Ice Swimmers, the biggest ice swimming group in the Netherlands.

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