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What I Learned in the Open Water

A few years ago at the Santa Cruz Wharf the August sun was hot, the noise of hundreds swarming around me unbearable. The air smelled of neoprene and sunscreen. Tottering in the sand, I dodged bags of sports jelly beans, electrolyte powder, and the detritus of obsessive sports regimens. Groggy from my 4:30 alarm, I squeezed between amped triathletes yelling over 80s music, stretching their limbs in all directions.

Although I ran cross country and bicycled everywhere as a teen, I’d never wanted to take part in a triathlon. My parents had been so preoccupied making sure I had achieved more than the other kids through music lessons, theatre camp, and the math team, that they had forgotten one important thing. They had forgotten to teach me how to swim.


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