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Ice swimming: the perfect Ctrl-Alt-Delete reboot

Swimming in ice requires a certain determination, but also chain-saws to cut the ice and form racing lanes. A sauna is also needed and apparently hot chocolate helps a lot.

Tiffiny Quinn is one of 12 hardy Irish swimmers travelling to the Artic Circle for a St Patrick’s Day dip at the ice swimming world championships.

The rules say the water temperature must be less than five degrees for racing. But Quinn says at Russian events it can dip as low as zero. Pumps keep the water moving so it doesn’t re-freeze mid-race. Staff use hammers to knock icicles off the starting area.

Despite competing around Europe and training in cold Irish waters, she admits the first time she swam in Siberia was daunting. That’s a 450-metre race through Siberian ice in an ordinary swimsuit.


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