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There are now 50+ wild swim groups around the UK. To mark the launch of a new OSS listing guide of them around the country, Rowan Clarke, a member of Wiltshire Wild Swim, reports on their joys and problems.

When Wiltshire Wild Swimmers began in May 2018, it was just a group of ten friends arranging swims on WhatsApp. As people began finding them on Instagram, the group grew to 30, prompting its founders to move the group from WhatsApp to Facebook. It then grew to 150 members in just four weeks.

This is not an isolated case – outdoor swimming groups from Brighton to Portobello are growing in size and number. Some are expanding so quickly they are having to close to new members; and as they do, new ones sprout up to cater for the demand. While many swimmers relish the solitude of swimming in the open, the attraction of clubs for those who prefer a more social approach is clear.


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