The Open Water Swimming Year – September’s Harvest

In a year with a poor summer, any remaining prospect of heat finally slips away like an ebb tide by the second or third weekend of September, to be replaced by the next straw to be grasped in the eternal Irish hope for future good weather, that of the mythical Indian Summer, with which we will entertain ourselves for another month or so. 

While trapped under an awning in town by a rainstorm and torrent that turns the amusement arcade to a lake and the prom road to a river, I reflect that any hope of treating the Open Water Swimming Year in Ireland as a series of calendrically-aligned periods of defined weather can be understood for a false hope on this day when the Guillamene diving board is blasted off the platform at the Guillamene by a storm which turns the bay to washing suds. There was little summer this year, and whatever there was, is over.

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