We very much regret that, following discussions with the Solent Coastguard, we will not be able to swim across the Solent in September. We have agonised long and hard over this decision, as we know how much effort and training you have all invested into this swim, and have not made it lightly. We have been unable to secure enough safety canoes to ensure that you have a safe swim across the Solent, and as we cannot compromise on safety we have to cancel the swim.

We are able to offer an alternative swim on the same day at a similar time: along the coastline from Barton on Sea to Milford on Sea, an open water swim of approximately 3.5 miles. We do have enough safety vessels to enable us to offer this alternative, as you will be swimming along the shoreline. This will be better for spectators as they will be able to walk along the beach or the cliff top and support you along the way.

We will completely understand if you decide that this alternative swim is not something that you wish to take part in, as it won’t be the same challenge as swimming across the Solent. However we can promise you a fun open water swim with some degree of difficulty.

Please let us know your thoughts – either by email to or, or by phone: Gilly 07725 048505 or Paul 07771 605037

Please accept our deepest apologies that we cannot offer you the swim that you had hoped for. We really hope that you will still carry on and participate in the alternative swim and help us raise some much needed funds – the demand from schools for our workshops far exceeds the monies we have available to provide them, so we really need to raise as much money as we can from this event.