James Wood is attempting to become the first European Paraplegic Swimmer to swim the English Channel – read his incredible story

In 1990, James Wood was left paralysed after a car crash aged just 19.

Now, as he prepares to turn 40 he's about to become the first European Paraplegic to attempt to swim the English Channel.

James damaged his seventh thoracic vertebrae in the accident, which means he is paralysed from the lower part of his chest down with no movement at all in his legs.   

He’ll be joining the 100 or so people who swim the Channel each year - none of whom are spinal cord injured or will have the physical impairments that he will.

The quickest realistic time to make the crossing is 10hrs (James is likely to take 15 hours).

James said: “I am taking a sabbatical from the law for a few months to focus on swimming the channel. I tried it in a relay last year which went well and so in January I took the decision to attempt a solo crossing.  If my stubbornness does not get me across, then my midlife crisis will. I hope to raise a considerable sum for SIA and raise awareness of spinal cord injury.”

source: http://www.itv.com/daybreak/sport/theultimatechallenge/

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