International Swimming Hall Of Fame Announces Induction Class Of 2011

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, December 1. THE International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) today announced the names of the Honoree Induction Class of 2011, consisting of 9 legends from the world of Aquatics. The Induction Ceremony, on Friday May 6th, will be the feature of the 46th Annual ISHOF Honors Weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, along with the AT&T USA Diving Grand Prix, a Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) event featuring the world's greatest Olympic divers, which will be held May 5 – 8, 2011 at the Hall of Fame Pool. Reservations for the Class of 2011 Honors Weekend are available now at or by calling 954-462-6536.

"The 2011 Induction Ceremony will recognize an internationally diverse and remarkable group aquatic personalities," said Mike Snyder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISHOF. "Every one of these individuals have left and continue to leave a positive impact the aquatic sports and we are pleased to recognize their successes and contributions to the World of Aquatics."

This year's honorees come from seven different nations: Australia, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, Monaco, Serbia and the USA. Heading the list is this year's Gold Medallion recipient, HSH Albert II, of Monaco. A competitive swimmer in his youth, Prince Albert has family ties to ISHOF through his maternal uncle, John B. Kelly, Jr., who served as President of ISHOF from 1981 – 1984. An Olympian as a bobsledder, he has been member of the International Olympic Committee since 1985. In addition to his official duties, he is active in numerous charitable causes. Honor Swimmers include Ian Thorpe of Australia and Lenny Krayzelburg of the USA. Nicknamed the "Thorpedo", Ian won a total of nine Olympic medals – five gold, three silver and one bronze in the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games – while Lenny swept the backstroke events at the 2000 Games and won a total of four Olympic gold medals, including relays. Synchronized swimmer Miya Tachibana competed in three Olympic Games for Japan, winning medals in each for a total of five medals. In the decade of the 1990's, Aleksandar Sostar guarded the water polo goal for Yugoslavia and later Serbia's Olympic, World Cup and European Championship gold medal winning teams. Open Water swimmer Michael Read, of Great Britain, held the title of King of the English Channel for 26 years. Honor Coach Denes Kemeny brought Hungarian water polo back to world prominence after missing the podium for over twenty years, winning gold in 2000, 2004 and 2008. Pioneer Re Calcaterra dedicated much of her life to the advancement of the sport of synchronized swimming in the USA and around the world. In the Honor Contributor category is Australian Thomas Hoad, a legendary figure in Australian Water Polo as a player and coach, Hoad has played a major role in attracting and managing major international competitions in all aquatic sports in his home nation. Other notables who will be recognized during the weekend include: Lewis Gordon Pugh, a British environmental activist, swimmer, maritime lawyer and motivational speaker will receive ISHOF's Presidential Award; and, Pedro Adrega, of Portugal, the communication director for the FINA and Editor-in-chief of FINA Aquatics World Magazine, of Portugal, will be honored with the Al Schoenfield Media Award.

Hall of Fame Voting
An international panel of aquatic experts, under the chairmanship of Camillo Cametti (ITA), annually screens candidates who have been submitted from individuals, organizations or federations from around the world. A final list is then submitted to a larger panel of over 100 international experts, whose votes determine those to be honored in each category.

About the International Swimming Hall of Fame & Museum

Established in 1965, the International Swimming Hall of Fame & Museum is a non-profit institution dedicated to preserving the history of swimming, inspiring and encouraging swimming for heath, fitness, water safety and enshrining the heroes and heroines of the aquatic sports. The International Swimming Hall of Fame & Museum was recognized as the official Hall of Fame and Museum for the Olympic aquatic sports in 1968 by FINA, the international governing body of Swimming. The International Swimming Hall of Fame & Museum, is also the home of the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and FINA Archive is supported primarily by the generosity of swimming enthusiasts, both individual and corporate throughout the world. For information on the International Swimming Hall of Fame & Museum and its programs, call 954-462-6536 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 954-462-6536 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or visit us online at

About the Class of 2011
FOR THE RECORD: 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (100m backstroke, 200m backstroke, 4x100m medley); 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (4x100m medley, preliminaries); 4 WORLD RECORDS: 1 (50m backstroke), 1 (100m backstroke), 1 (200m backstroke), 1 (4x100m medley); 3 WORLD RECORDS (25m):1 (100m backstroke, 2 (200m backstroke); 1998 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (100m backstroke, 200m backstroke), silver (4x100m medley); 2000 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (25m): gold (4x100m medley), silver (50m backstroke); 1997 PAN PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (100m backstroke, 200m backstroke, 4x100m medley); 1999 PAN PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (100m backstroke, 200m backstroke, 4x100 backstroke, 4x100m medley).

He was born in the old Soviet Union (Ukraine), immigrated to the U.S. at age 14 and became a naturalized citizen by age 20. Three years later in 1998, he became the first swimmer in over a decade to sweep the backstroke events, 100m and 200m, at the World Championships. The next year, he broke the 50m, 100m and 200m World Records. At the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, he became the first swimmer since Rick Carey in 1984 to win both the 100m and 200m backstroke events. He added a third Olympic gold medal in the USA 4x100m medley relay. In 2004 at Athens, he won another gold medal as a member of the medley relay swimming in the preliminary heat. All totaled, Krazelburg set four long course World Records which stood for five years.

For the record: 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (400m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle), silver (200m freestyle, 4x100 m medley); 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (200m freestyle, 400m freestyle), silver (4x200m freestyle), bronze (100m freestyle): 1998 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (400m freestyle, 4X200 m freestyle); 2001 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (200m freestyle, 400m freestyle, 800m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle, 4x100m medley); 2003 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (200m freestyle, 400m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle), silver (200m Individual Medley) bronze (100m freestyle); 17 WORLD RECORDS: 6 (200m freestyle), 5 (400m freestyle), 2 (800 m freestyle), 1 (4x100m freestyle), 3 (4x200m freestyle); 6 WORLD RECORD (25m): 3 (200m freestyle), 1 (400m freestyle), 2 (4x100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle)
1999 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CHAMPIONSHIPS (25m): gold (200m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle), silver (400m freestyle); 1998 COMMONWEALTH GAMES: gold (200m freestyle, 400m freestyle; 4x100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle); 2002 COMMONWEALTH GAMES: gold (100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 400m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle, 4x100m medley), silver (100m backstroke); 1999 PAN PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (200m freestyle, 400m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle); 2002 PAN PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 400m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle), silver (4x100m medley); WORLD SWIMMER OF THE YEAR: 1998-1999, 2001-2002: WORLD PACIFIC RIM SWIMMER OF THE YEAR: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004.

Nicknamed the "Thorpedo", Ian Thorpe won a total of nine Olympic medals – five gold, three silver and one bronze in the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games. He held 13 World Records in the 200m, 400m and 800m freestyle, holding the 400m freestyle record for ten years. He was a four-time World Swimmer of the Year. In 2001, he became the first swimme3r to win six gold medals at one World Championships and in total has won eleven World Championship gold medals, the second most of any swimmer. He dominated the 400m freestyle winning the event at every Olympic, World, Commonwealth and Pan Pacific Swimming Championships from 1998 to after Athens in 2004. He is the only male swimmer to have won Olympic medals in the 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle.

FOR THE RECORD: 1996 OLYMPIC GAMES: bronze (team); 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES: silver (team); 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES: silver (duet, team); 1994 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: silver (duet), bronze (team); 1998 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: silver (duet, team), bronze (solo); 2001 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (duet), bronze (solo), 2003 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: silver (duet, team); 1999 FINA WORLD CUP: silver (duet, team), bronze (solo).

Miya Tachibana competed in three Olympic Games for Japan winning medals in each of the Games for a total of five medals. At the 1996 Atlanta Games, Japan won the bronze medal in Team, the only synchro event that year. Four years later in Sydney, Miya and her teammate, Miho Takeda, won the silver medal in Duet, less than one point behind the winning Russian duo. 2004 Athens was a repeat of the previous Olympic medals and score difference in the duet event. Miya was also on the silver medal-winning Japanese Team Event for 2000 and 2004, earning her a total of five Olympic medals. In solo competition, Miya won bronze medals at the 1998 and 2001 World Championships and the 1999 FINA World Cup. She won silver medals in the duet and team competitions at the 1998 and 2003 World Championships and gold in the 2001 World Championships in duet. In 1998, she received the FINA Prize.

Aleksandar Sostar (YUG/SRB-M)
FOR THE RECORD: 1988 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold; 1992 OLYMPIC GAMES: prevented from competing per United Nation sanctions; 1996 OLYMPIC GAMES: 8TH; 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES: bronze; 1986 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold; 1988 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold; 1991 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold; 1998 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: bronze; 2000 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: bronze; 2001 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold.
Alek Sostar is regarded as one of the best goalkeepers of all time. The number of Olympic, World Championship and European Championship medals he attained would indicate that he played on a well-balanced team, but also that he stopped allot of balls from going into the goal. As a goalkeeper, he was dominate for nearly a 20-year career.

FOR THE RECORD: Known for most of 26 years (1979-2005) as King of the English Channel (33 crossings); First to swim 4 way Lake Windermere (42 miles, 26h 3m), Hunstanton - Skegness-Hunstanton (40 miles), Mora to Amposta (SPN) (65 km) and English Channel swim six times in one year (1984); Completed crossings around Isle of Wright (60 miles), Loch Lomond (22 miles), Loch Eurn (16 miles), Lock Tay (16 miles), Jeble to Latakia Syria (25 miles), Evian to Lausanne (25 km) and Noel River International; Channel Swimming Association (CSA) Committee (1973) and Chairman since 1993; 1960 OLYMPIC TEAM: 4x200m freestyle relay alternate.

Most of Mike Reed's swims were in cold water ranging from 6 degrees C (42 F) to 15 degrees C (60 F). After switching attention from pool swimming (he was on the 1960 British Olympic Team) to open water, he has completed many lake swims in England, Scotland, throughout Europe, Northern Africa including crossing the English Channel 33 times to earn the title, "King of the Channel." His English Channel swims from 1969-84 totaled 18 World Records. He was the first person ever to make 6 successful channel swims in a year. He was Lake Windermere Champion from 1969-1977, setting the record six times. He was a FINA official (1969-1971), elected to the BLDSA (1970s) and has served on the CSA since 1977 as member, honorary Vice President, Chairman and Chairman of the Board.

Nominated in 2001 by Duncan Taylor - Secretary CSA (Channel Swimming Association), Ltd. Re-nominated in 2003 by Montserrat Tresserras (SPN) – Vice President of Channel Swimming Association, Marathon Hall of Fame Inductee.


Almost everything Kemeny touches turns to gold. He revitalized a stagnant Hungarian water polo team and began winning again at the European Championships in the late 1990's. Under his leadership, his teams have won the past three Olympic Games – Sydney, Athens, Beijing, the only time a country has won Water Polo Olympic gold medals three times in succession since Great Britain in 1908, 1912 and 1920. His teams have performed well at the FINA Water Polo World League and World Championship competitions.

FOR THE RECORD: 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988 OLYMPIC GAMES: Water Polo Head Coach; 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972 OLYMPIC GAMES: Water Polo Player; 1975, 1978, 1982, 1986 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Water Polo Head Coach; Chairman of the Organizing Committee of five International Competitions.

Tom Hoad helped keep Australia at the forefront of world water polo first as a player, then as a coach. His unorthodox coaching tactics are legendary and his involvement in the sport is all-encompassing. He remains a vice president of Australian Water Polo, Inc. and is instrumental in attracting foreign teams to Australia. He played on four Olympic water polo teams, three of those teams as captain. The 1972 team placed 12th. With four more Olympic Games as coach, his teams placed 11th (1976), 7th (1980), 4th (1984) and 8th (1988). The 1980 team beat world champions Italy, 3-2. He coached Australia in approximately 500 international games from 1975-1988. His World Championship teams placed 11th (1975), 9th (1978), 11th (1982) and 10th (1986). His 1985 World Cup team was 7th. He has been the chairman of the organizing committee for the 1991, 1998 World Championships (Perth), 1994 Australian Masters Games, 2001 Junior Women's World Water Polo Championships and 2002 Women's World Cup. He has received the FINA silver pin and AIA gold pin among others. He is the Head Coach of the National League Team Fremontte Mariners (1992-2002) winning three championships. As a Western Australia State Champion Swimmer (200m butterfly) in 1950-1954, he as been involved in swimming and water polo all his life, over 50 years.

FOR THE RECORD: International Clinician and Promoter of synchronized swimming since 1955; U.S. National Committee Member of AAU, USSS; Coach of two U.S. National Champions and two International Champions.

Re Calcaterra has dedicated much of her life to the advancement of the sport of synchronized swimming. She conducted her U.S. National Clinics from 1958 to 1985, promoting synchro throughout the country. In the early 1960's, this expanded to taking athletes of the U.S. National Team on world tours to promote the sport in less synchro-developed regions including China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. She has been rated National Judge for synchronized swimming since 1955. From 1955-1970 she coached four separate teams to keep synchronized swimming alive in the Ozark area of Missouri. During her coaching years, Calcaterra coached two senior national champions (Roz Calcaterra, Mary Jane Gury) and two international champions (Jackie Douglas and Kim Gonterman). Her coaching has spanned age group levels to Masters Synchro. Calcaterra is a Life member of United States Synchronized Swimming. She has served USSS in many different capacities including Treasurer, International Chairman, National Age Group Chair, National Junior Olympic Chair, Awards Chairman and as a North Zone "A" Clinician. She was elected to USSS Hall of fame in 1970 and is a 1979 winner of the USSS Distinguished Service Award. Calcaterra was the first woman President of Ozark Amateur Athletic Union (1971) and served in this position for four years. She has filled the position of Synchro Chair for 56 years and is a Life Member of the organization.

Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco
The Gold Medallion Award is presented each year to a former competitive swimmer for his or her national or international significant achievements in the field of science, entertainment, art, business, education, or government. There are no restrictions other than the recipient must be an outstanding adult whose life has served as an inspiration for youth. Past recipients include Senator Barry Goldwater, President Ronald Reagan, Businessmen Fred M. Kirby II, Rogers "Tiger" Holmes and Adolph Kiefer, Car men Jim Press and Jim Moran, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Paul "Buddy" Bucha, Congressman E. Clay Shaw, IOC members Dick Pound and Joao Havelange, Broadcaster Donna de Varona, Actress Esther Williams, Ambassador W.R. "Tim" Timken and marine artist Guy Harvey, to name a few.

Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi was born on March 14, 1958, the son of Ranier II, Prince of Monaco, and Grace Kelly of Philadelphia. Albert has been enthusiastic about sports all of his life. Among the sports in which he competed as youth was swimming. He competed in the bobsled at every Winter Olympics from Calgary to Salt Lake City and has been a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) since 1985. On 6 April 2005, Prince Rainier III died and Hereditary Prince Albert became Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco. In addition his activities as head of the Principality, Albert continues the policy, initiated by previous rulers, of using his position to draw the world's attention to the need to protect the (marine) environment. He is the Vice-Chairman of the American charity founded in 1982, after his mother's death, the Princess Grace Foundation-USA, which supports, as Princess Grace did in her lifetime, emerging artists in theater, dance and film. In 2006, HSH Prince Albert created the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation which continues the Principality of Monaco's commitment by supporting sustainable and ethical projects around the world which focus on three main challenges: climate change and developing renewable energies; combating the loss of biodiversity; and water management (improving universal access to clean water) and fighting desertification. Prince Albert's family is linked to the International Swimming Hall of Fame through both his maternal uncle, John B. "Jack" Kelly, Jr., ISHOF's President from 1981 – 1984 and his maternal aunt (through marriage to Jack), Mary Freeman Spitzer, an Olympic swimmer an ISHOF honoree as a coach/contributor.

Prince Albert is engaged to a former South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock. Their civil marriage ceremony is scheduled for 2 July 2011, to be followed by the religious ceremony on 3 July 2011.