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The Culture Of Open Water Swimming In The Mediterranean

Why don´t take part in a swim at Mediterranean destinations? Here is a list of convincing arguments for swimmers to come over to Spain this year. These could help you to set about looking for new experiences whether you are a beginner to open water swimming or trying to go pro.

The majority of beaches are great for swimming, but nothing beats open water swimming holidays for fun. Culture Sport is dedicated to giving you access to the best each city has to offer, not only in terms of sports facilities but also by offering you a whole range of information about open water events, training opportunities or competitions that will stir your interest.

And, as a complement to swimming, we have designed a host of various fully optional activity programs to enable you to get to know the culture of the places you will be traveling to.  


A lot of things have changed since our company got started in 2011 but the reason we are here remains the same. The both words Culture + Sport gave way to the concepts hardly ever before thought of. Understand both concepts as one was crucial to stand out from the crowd and since the company started the objective of swimming implies both culture + Sport ideas together. Approaching you to the local culture will allow you to better appreciate swimming in other countries context and also another way to practice it. Taking that as a starting point we can arrange group training sessions in Olympic pool with other swimmers before the main open water swim. In relation to training camps aimed at strengthening group bounding and important values such as sportsmanship and achievement, we offer you the chance either to take part in a Team Building session or in a friendly competition against a local swimming club in Spain of similar level to your team´s.


In addition to what was mentioned above, there are other reasons to swim in Spain that you probably may know well; these are good weather conditions most of the time and excellent water quality. As an example that seems significant, Spanish island Mallorca has the best beaches in the Mediterranean with its superb, transparent waters. If I were you I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to swim in this paradise.

As an advantage, you only have to worry about swimming; Culture Sport arranges everything for you allowing swimmers be relaxed until the open water takes place.


For more info visit the website: www.culturesport365.com