Швецария - Šveicarijos plaukimo maratonas 2012, Lithuania

Saturday, 23 June, 2012 - 11:00



Approved by: Approved by:

Swimming Federation of Lithuania Yonavkoe district municipality
President Ilona Zuozene Mayor Mindaugas Sinkyavichyus

Marathon - in an open water swim on the day in the village of Switzerland sv.Yoanna "Shvetsariya - 2012"


Goals and Objectives
Promote swimming as the most healthy-looking variety.
Create opportunities for people of different ages and social backgrounds to compete, relax and socialize.
Propagirovat competition for long distance in open water.
To develop skills in the care of open water.

Time and place of the competition

June 23, 2012, the village pond. Switzerland.
Home - Lithuania, Kaunas district, Jonava district, village. Switzerland.
Entry fee - 15 Lt (5 Euros).

11.00 - 11.45 per hour. registration of participants
12.00 per hour. start of the competition.
16.00 per hour. val. participants and award winners.

The management and conduct of the competition
Organizers - Jonava district municipality and Kaunas club masters and disabled sailing "Taxi." Patron of the event - sailing Federation of Lithuania.
Contact people:
Headman of the village Shvetsariya Mr. Paplonskis, mob. +370 687 42419
Arlandas Yodeshka, mob. 370 686 19 471, e-mail. E-mail: arlandasa@gmail.com
Algimantas Vilkyavichyus, mob. 370 616 20 233, e-mail. E-mail: vilkinis@one.lt
Andrews Bichkauskas, mob. 370 682 97 778, e-mail. E-mail: abicka@takas.lt

Competition Schedule

Competitions are open and personal, is open to all citizens of Lithuania and other countries. Swimmers are prohibited from using swimming aids and wetsuits.
Each participant of the marathon swimming is responsible for their safety and health. For health and safety of children and young people are responsible of their parents (the signatures in the protocol), or coaches.
The length of 2,2 km marathon marina village. Switzerland - Nasvitisov estate - a marina village. Switzerland.
Distance of 400 meters swim with disabilities and all comers.
Note: The water temperature at 15 degrees marathon distance is reduced to 500 meters, and in case of adverse weather conditions Marathon postponed to 21/07/2012.
Information on possible changes will be on site  www.klubastakas.lt or  www.ltuswimming.lt

Identifying and rewarding the winners

In the marathon, the winners are determined separately for women and men.
In the swim for the disabled and others who wish the winners are determined in the overall standings.
Certificates are awarded to all participants, and winners are awarded with diplomas and medals.

In the marathon, the winners are determined by both women and men in the following age groups:
Group 1 - 16 years of age and younger, group 2 -17-24 years; Group 3 - 25-34 years, Group 4 - 35-44 years; Group 5 - 45-54 years; Group 6 - 55-64, 7 Group - 65-74 year group 8 - 75 years of age or older.

Groups of 1-2 by the best result determined by the absolute winner among girls and boys, and in the third and subsequent groups - for the best result among men and women on the basis of GRAND PRIX Lithuania smooth.

The senior judge of the competition Jolanta Dulyavichene
Competition Director Arlandas Yodeshka