1# КОЗЈАК" 2012, Близанско - поречие (Blizansko - porechie), Macedonia

Saturday, 1 September, 2012 - 11:00


Taking into account the fact that we live in a stress time when most of the time young people spend playing computer as well as the idea that young people who prefer stronger and healthier than those who are not involved in physical activities, the start of this school year, the Swimming Federation of Macedonia (PFM), in accordance with its plan and program, and in co-organization JPUZPP CLEAR will organize English Cup distance swimming "KOZJAK" - 2012.

The start of this event is scheduled for 01 September (Saturday) 2012, Lake Kozjak start race Blizansko - porechie.

The race will take place in three categories:

  1. 2000 m - children up to 14 years, the race start in 11h
  2. 5000 m - 14 to 17 years, the race start at 12h
  3. 10.000m - over 17 years, the race start at 12h (race represents 10,000 Olympic discipline that has not been represented in the sports program)

Prize fund this bunch is 300.000 and are provided by JPUZPP clear.

For visitors from the City of Skopje, the Macedonian Cup distance swimming "KOZJAK" - 2012 will provide an organized transport by mini bus, to the space provided for the start of the race will go from the parking lot of the Olympic pool at 08:00 pm, 01 September (Saturday), 2012.

Movement of visitors with their own vehicles on 01 September during the English Cup distance swimming "KOZJAK" - 2012 will be regulated:

  • Towards Skopje to Makedonski Brod, from 06:00 to 11:00
  • Makedonski Brod to Skopje from 16:00 to 20:00

We invite all students who are members of clubs registered in the Swimming Federation of Macedonia and all sports lovers to come and be part of this event - Swim for health. This also represents an opportunity for exploring the natural beauty of the forest reserve clear that the conditions for the organization of such piles in swimming, includes 35 km of forest roads and trails that allow organizing mountain biking, hiking, mountaineering, hunting, horse riding, paragliding and rock climbing.

Application for this event can be downloaded by clicking here .

Contact persons:
Elena Ilievska
phone: 072/422-203