OW Poseidon: Who said passing through two points is only one straight line?

source: http://www.shvoong.co.il  By Orit Neudorfer (translated with Google)

Although the race was over a distance of 1900 meters, Orit Neudorfer decided to turn to the sea. Personal summary of ointment  Poseidon.  (ointment=OW swim)

Morning cool and breezy, cloudless sky. We sit on a white yacht, cruise out the smooth waters of the sea. Chilling breeze back, sun caressing pleasant, clean and beautiful beach front, only the gentle rattle of the engine and screeching gulls overhead breaking the silence. Two other yachts sail by. Pastoral picture with a taste of overseas.

No, we're not on vacation in Piraeus, not San Tropez. Opposite offer us the shoreline of Herzliya, round faces are familiar faces triathletes and swimmers, all with swimming goggles and a participant numbers registered on the arms. We are on our way to the starting point of a paste Poseidon, kilometer out to sea. Seemingly many more ointment, but the atmosphere is different frenetic excitement of pre - competition, imagine for a moment what pleasure cruise port city far away.

Herzliya coast cruise (Photo: Kovokovo and Dawn Glass)

Pastoral ends, unfortunately, after a few minutes. White yacht moored, and swimmers leaping from the deck and jump into the still water cries joy. Everyone gathered at the buoy that marks the beginning of the track, and the new "Poseidon" start swimming. Runway length 1900 meters, is rectangular, and is marked by the four corners of the yacht "into the sea". We surround the outer side Yacht rectangle, and the last boat to swim to shore. Among the yachts spread some coated, to plot a straight line between them. Sounds simple? So, not so much.

Starts swimming with ease. This Krrrr at first, but after a few minutes of swimming practitioners temperature. At first swim still surround me other, here and there a touch disturbing fingers foot (sorry, you do Drafting on someone else - I'm ticklish!), Ribs (Eeeee!) Or, worst: a kick in the face pasting your binoculars rear chambers of the brain ( initial shock, water swallowing, cough, curse vigorous, and move on). Peloton apart quickly, and each one continues on his path toward the next buoy. But me.

While on the ground I'm very good sense of navigation is not bad, and there were days when I walked safely travel groups Trails deserts and mountains, as soon as I entered the water I take a sense of disorientation and develops a disturbing tendency to change the direction of the pool frequently and clearly involuntary. I recognize the next buoy, a large gray, straight ahead, a hundred yards away from me. Ten rowing movements, just the float, again I pull the head and find myself swimming in adherence to the depth of the sea, while the float is my right. Rotates, repairs, five movements, pulling the head, now I'm on the boat it went. And so on.

Swimmers swim lane "routine and boring" (Photo: Dawn Glass)

This problem has already been addressed with the best swimming instructors. They told me it was because I was not breathing on both sides. My one hand explained more powerful. Argued that one side of my brain heavier. I was advised to put the watch on the right hand instead of the left. Balance exercises with eyes closed, and to plant garlic bathing suit before jumping into the water. Ordered me to identify buildings on the coast, the direction of the sun, wind, star trails. Nothing helped. My zigzagging route between buoys is the famous all paste and triathlon. I am a candidate for the Guinness record breaking longest route possible to delineate between the two points. Race organizers put my kayak weighed only accompany me, at the request of the insurance company, but is not willing to risk getting late for dinner Friday. As a compromise they asked me to bring a valid passport paste laminated in case I get to the shores of another country.

So I swim for me. The sea is calm and comfortable. No waves, ideal weather, and even completely tolerable water temperature. While enrolled writers to 1900 meters, but obviously I would at least double the distance, and even more, so there's no hurry: rhythmic movements and ease I feel I can continue to strive for at least an hour - two hours without getting tired, and I wonder what will happen when evening came. Occasionally swim across the different tracks, and disappeared immediately, because unlike me he swims in the usual way, and boring forth in a straight line between buoys. Often go into too worried about getting a kayak, paddle teacher direction and I nod gratefully, just before I was swimming vigorously in the other direction. Sometimes there is a solemn moment where I get to float, joy to him like a long lost brother. The buoy marks the anchor for me and contact with reality, than that my route, winding and zigzagging however, briefly overlaps the original race track and strengthens the confidence in my heart that I get to shore before dark.

The GPS is proud to photograph her ​​representative: Rotate Sea Route - High School

If you look at the picture of the anointing by the GPS at my watch, you will see some of the places I visited on the way to the beach. Cretan fishermen smiled at me toothless Cypriot sailors whistled and offered coffee, and saves Sicily swear I went through in glasses that morning.

I lost depth review of the entire Mediterranean suddenly came to me sounds remotely - din finish line, with the proclamation declaring the numbers of swimmers arrived. And is recognized on the horizon the coast goal and the gate overhead. Only sailors of Vasco - Da - Gama, who saw the land after months at sea, can understand my excitement. Once I recognized the finish line I picked up the pace, and a little while (actually it was twenty-five minutes, but who's counting?) And here I go to the land, to the towel and embrace the iron man of my own, who broke his head how can you bring me in case I get to the coast of State no relations with Israel.

Ointment Poseidon 2012 can be completed now, and the organizers can breathe easy. I got to a safe haven!

Orit Iron Man after the reunion (photo: Kovokovo and Dawn Glass)

Orit Neudorfer - a doctor and researcher, mother of two teenagers (and challenging!), Wife of Iron Man (no less challenging), marathoner, triathlete, adventurer and lover quite a challenge everywhere.