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Cuba – USA World Record 2013

source: http://www.chloemccardel.com/cuba-usa-world-record-2013/

press release 30th Dec 2012:


27 year old Australian marathon swimmer CHLOЁ McCARDEL has today announced her intention to tackle a more than 170 kilometre non-stop 70 hour world record swim from Cuba to the United States of   America in June 2013, without using a shark cage.

Swimming across the powerful and unpredictable Gulf Stream and FloridaStraits, this swim has never been successfully crossed without a shark cage. It will become the longest continuous solo swim in history without assistance, at least 50% further than the current record (108km). Chloë will also use this opportunity to raise much needed funds for cancer research and support for those with cancer as this is a cause which is close to her heart.

A tenacious swimmer and considered Australian Champion of the English Channel, Chloë said, “I think my Mum will faint when she hears about this! Seriously, I believe it is a great time of year to make this announcement when so many people are celebrating the New Year and thinking about their own dreams and aspirations for the next 12 months. I really hope I can inspire more people to push their own boundaries or perceived limitations.”

While most people are looking forward to the New Year and may set one or two modest goals for the 2013, Chloë is setting herself the longest swim in the world as her own resolution. Along with her team, she has been quietly planning this incredible goal for over 6 months, keeping it a secret from all those who are not yet directly involved – including her family.

Chloë and her team are delighted to have the blessings of Commodore Esrich who represents the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba. This is the same yacht club that hosted fellow Aussie Susie Maroney’s swim start for her similar swim, which was completed with the assistance of a shark cage.

Chloë’s announcement follows the significant public interest in legendary US marathon swimmer, Diana Nyad, who has attracted significant attention form the media in the last two years from her three previous attempts at this same swim (without a shark cage).



Quick extra facts:

This will be the longest continuous solo swim in history from land (no water behind) to land (no water in front) without assistance and in open water.

Only a basic swim bather will be worn which will not assist performance nor retain heat (most previous attempts by previous swimmers have utilised non-standard bather/swim suit which is considered full-length as they extended passed the shoulder and covered parts or all of the legs – protecting against jelly-fish stings, sun burn and the cold water/air)

No shark cage, full-length swim suit, wetsuit, flotation device, flippers, snorkel nor other ‘outside’ assistance will be used

Chloë will not touch or board the boat or touch another person during the swim

This swim is expected to take 60 – 70 hours

The swim is expected to feature deadly jellyfish and sharks, an incredibly strong Gulf Stream and unpredictable weather.



About Chloë

Chloë McCardel is one of Australia’s top female marathon swimmers (www.chloemccardel.com). Her achievements include:

Total of six solo English Channel Crossings (including two solo Double Crossings)

2012 English Channel Champion (fastest female solo)

2011 English Channel Champion (fastest solo)

2010 Manhattan Island Marathon Champion (fastest solo)

Contact Details:

Tim Stackpool
0419 244 443


Dear Friends!!

Our SECRET is finally OUT!! After 6 months of careful planning, I am very excited to share with you that I, with the wonderful support of my team (including husband -Paul), will be attempting a 170km+, solo, non-stop, World Record swim from Cuba to the U.S. in June 2013! Our swim aims to both set a new World Record and to raise money for cancer research and support for people living with cancer.

We believe this swim will have an infinite capacity to unite the world in the fight against cancer because of the reach of our message and fundraising efforts through international media coverage and the team work involved by people across multiple countries and different political systems to promote, fundraise, organize and execute this feat. This support mirrors the support people with cancer deserve and how we can unite together to support these people against a common foe. The physical aspect of endurance required by a solo swimmer to conquer this enormous swim, non-stop, across the Gulf Straits from one country to another in a small way symbolizes the fight and incredible challenge many people face during their own journey with cancer. 100% of the monies raised will be forwarded on to cancer charities across the globe. The charities involved will be announced in early  2013.

If you would like to join our growing volunteer support crew and are available in person in Florida between the 10th – 20th of June 2013, we would love to hear from you! We are happy to provide support for basic costs, where event sponsorship is available. For those wishing to assist we will need to know of your preliminary interest before the 14th of January as all support crew volunteers must be locked in before the end of January due to regulatory guidelines.

Positions required during the swim include:

Support crew on boat (Medical, Feeding, Kayakers & General)
Support Crew on land (event management)

We are also seeking those across a variety of countries who wish to assist us with fundraising for cancer charities and administrative support for the event from February 1st until June 30th. Those with a skill set in digital marketing, media, communications and/or fundraising (regardless of location) are highly desired – but all-comers are welcome! Please forward your name, contact details, country of origin, skill set (or a few lines about your background), role preference and availability to chloe@chloemccardel.com

No sharks will be harmed by the conduct of anyone involved, during the swim (we will be inviting a shark conservationist to be onboard during the swim)

For more information about the swim please see the Media Release which is inset below. Looking forward to having you on our TEAM to achieve a World Record and COMBAT CANCER in 2013! :)

We would like to thank Commodore José M Diaz Escrich and the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba for their wonderful support in assisting us to organize this WR swim!

Chloe & Paul