XIX CUP "Lídy Jelinkova", Melice u Prelouce (Melice), Czech Republik

Saturday, 12 June, 2010 - 06:30

Main race: 5 km women - "The Cup Lída Jelinkova - XIX.year
15 km Men - "Mayor's Cup Přerová-XV. year



Organizer: Sport Club Swimming pool Pardubice

Date: Saturday, June 12, 2010

Venue: water tank in Výkleky PÅ™erov Loc.: 50 ° 2'37 .762''N 15 ° 37'4 .356''E

Closing date: until 7 June 2010
to 10 June 2010 to 12.00 on-line at www.dalkove.plavani.info

Address for applications: scpap.plavani @ seznam.cz

Information: Tomas NETERDA  604 931 799


Disciplines: younger pupils ........................................ 1 km
older pupils .......................................... 3 km
adolescents, adults and masters ............. 3, 5 and 15 km

Main race: 5 km women - "The Cup Lída Jelinkova - XIX.year
15 km Men - "Mayor's Cup P

řerová-XV. year

Heading: 500m for pupils, 1000 mA 2500 m for other

Entry fee: CZK 100 for adolescents, adults and masters, 50,-CZK for pupils in one start
for registration after the deadline or application on the site is a single fee 150,-CZK

Time schedule: 8.30 - 9 45 presentations in the yard TJ Nemošice and control documents
9.45 to 10.15 description lines and control starting numbers
10.20 Presentation of competitors to 15 km for the auxiliary starter
10.30 START at 15 km adolescents, adults, masters
10.35 Presentation of competitors for the 5 km for the auxiliary starter
10.45 START the 5 km adolescents, adults and masters
11.50 Presentation categories of pupils at the auxiliary starter
12.00 START pupil categories at 1 km and 3 km
12.50 Presentation competitors at 3 km for the auxiliary starter
13.00 START at 3 km adolescents, adults and masters
publication of the results continuously

Time limit: 15 km - the competitor with the worst meantime than 3:30:00 at 10 km is required to leave the track

Timekeeping: the measurement time will be used timekeeping chip

Accommodation: Accommodation can be ordered at  734 443 014 - Mr. Ledvina, be taken with them sleeping bags.

Prices: Possibly the organizer receives the first three swimmers in categories according to the CP material prizes and diplomas

Final provisions: the organizer has the right to change the timetable, if the current situation so requires, it must inform all registered partitions. Logging section is liable for medical and technical competence of its swimmers.

Warning: participants are prohibited entry of all motor vehicles in the area Nemošice TJ!