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World Record attemp Butterfly across Strait Gibraltar

Héctor Ramírez Ballesteros is going to set a world record by swimming the Strait of Gibraltar in BUTTERFLY

WORLD RECORD IN THE STRAITS OF GIBRALTAR, swim 15 to 21 miles butterfly.

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General information about the project.
The summer of 2013 will try to accomplish a great feat in the history of open water swimming: Create a new world record, swimming the butterfly stroke distance that separates the continents of Europe and Africa, from the prestigious Crossing to swim the Strait of Gibraltar.

Swimmer Héctor Ramírez Ballesteros, along with his team, coaches, sponsors and partners, try to be the first in the history of open water swimming in conquering the Strait of Gibraltar swim the butterfly stroke, with temperatures between 15 º and 19 º without neoprene. Gap between the Spanish coast, for its shortest crossing from Punta de Oliveros (Spain) to the Moroccan coast, Punta Cires (Morocco), with a total distance of 7.8 miles (14.4 kilometers). Although most of the attempts that are made from Tarifa Island to the vicinity of Punta Cires complicated for swimmers and eventually have to swim distances of 10 to 12 nautical miles (18.5 to 22 km) due to the influence of prevailing strong currents in the strait.
This pioneering project in Spain and never before achieved by any swimmer in the world, will take place in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, from August 27 to September 10, 2013.

Our main goal is multiple; Create a new world record by becoming the first in history to swim the distance covered swimming the butterfly stroke. But the challenge goes far beyond, will also collaborate with our efforts on two projects of highest importance.

Raise funds for the foundation Ananta, the project entitled Pinteño solidarity. A wonderful project in which all athletes will be involved with a development cooperation program in India. The program Calcutta colors.
Throwing a positive and encouraging message to all people as we understand that the ocean is as grand as helpless ... Learn, Connect and Defend ... watching the great ocean ecosystem! Ocean Conservancy Project.
A view to the challenges made after ... open water BUTTERFLY style between 2011 and 2012.

To date, after more than two years, we have prepared the swimmer in different tests, which have served as the basis to take on this new challenge. For two years and so far we have established four new records unprecedented in the history of open water swimming.

  • Crossing the Ruidera Laguas 9.300m (approx.): Total test time: 3h 01m.
  • Crossing the Valley of Iruelas 9.000m (approx.): total test time: 3h 15m.
  • Record of Spain to swim 10 miles in open water butterfly style, the international voyage in Cullera Bay XUQUER 2012. This pioneering record was certified by the referee of the Valencian Federation of Ramon Ferrer swimming.
  • Record drop in international Navia Estuary. There is evidence of the practice of competitive swimming in the river Navia from years before the creation of the decline in 1958, which gave way to organize Swim Down to the River Navia. Fifty-five years after the descent, was taken to a different swimming style. The swimmer, Héctor Ramírez Ballesteros won the 5km swim this prestigious sporting event is butterfly swimming in a total time of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The Gibraltar Strait Association has a record on its website where it publishes the times of all swimmers who have successfully swim from Spain to Morocco. * Click here if you want to read the official article.

All swimmers who have achieved had to carry their crosses either swimming swimming styles such as the front crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly, governed by rules requiring that association, so all face a similar challenge swimming in the same direction, the same distance in the style set by each athlete.

There are records from 05/04/1928 UK being the swimmer Mercedes Gleitze the first person to cross, with a total time of 12 hours and 50 minutes swimming the front crawl.
84 years later they are still updating the records of all swimmers being able to see each year, who has been the fastest of each style. Currently no data of any swimmer who has managed to complete the journey swimming butterfly style. Even if there is an attempt, was on 13 June 2012 and I try swimmer with British passport KATHRYN LOUISE MASON 17/Noviembre born 1969 in SYDNEY (AUSTRALIA), swimming for about 2 hours 30 minutes. The swimmer had to abandon the race after the board of the Association of swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar where the swimmer advise abandoning the test, since the current was stronger than their swim speed.
After the association to certify that no swimmer swim has achieved in history, next year 2013 the swimmer Hector Ramirez, try adding a new record, creating a new world record in this prestigious crossing recognized by all swimmers planet.

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