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Cuba to Florida by Channel swimming rules in 2013 by Chloë- part 2

part 1

Paul Chloë's husband reports on marathonswimmers.org/forum :

Hi Everyone,

Paul here, Chloë's husband, she is currently bunkered down in the US and I am joining her this weekend. We both apologise for not posting on this forum more often over the last 5 months but the logistics behind the swim as well as the Cancer fundraising has well and truly owned us during this period. I can say it has been without question the most stressful period of both our lives…

we have faced many roadblocks and hurdles along the way, some really surprised us, some not. The one thing that I wanted to ensure everyone on Chloë and my behalf is that we are both remaining true and 100 % plus committed to Chloë’s original post above on this swim. We will have official observers on the boat and will before (hopefully during) and after the swim make available publically full copies of the observers reports & rules of the swim. If the rules of the swim change at any stage during the swim- one of the observers will flag this asap(subject to satellite coverage ) to our onshore contact who will then post to this site ,Chloe’s web site & social media sites & via Steve @Munatones. We aim for this swim to be about transparency and credibility - Chloë and the team are fully committed to this.
Either myself or a member of the team will upload the draft observers report/rules of the swim over the next 2 weeks prior the swim. We will have a GPS tracker on board with a link from Chloe’s website (below). We will be announcing the observers within the coming days.
In finishing, we are blessed to have built a team of amazing people that believe in Chloë and in what we are hoping to achieve. We are really very appreciative of all their amazing support!!

Thanks for everyone’s continued support
Kindest Regards,

Paul & Chloë

Email: chloe@chloemccardel.com
Website: chloemccardel.com (including GPS Tracking during the swim)
Face Book: facebook.com/ChloeMcCardel
Skype/Google Chat: chloemccardel