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19k river swim: Bhagirathi

aster Ajeya Moghe (16 years) climbed proudly on the podium; where he stood 3rd in the 19 K River Bhagirathi Race in West Bengal. The said race was conducted in conjunction with annual 81 K Race. Ajeya was not trained at all for the marathon swim this year as he has been very busy in attending various pool competitions. However, fully focused & determined, narrowly missed first & second place behind an Olympian from Bangladesh. His 2hrs 11 min was good enough to wind Bronze medal. All three swimmers touch the land within 60 Sec. barrier.

Just two days after Ajeya won 3 Individual Gold Medals in all Back Stroke Events in Senior State Championships reserving his berth for Sr. Nationals. He also kept on winning many Gold Medals in competitions at various levels including 3 Silvers at School Nationals. Ajeya so far has swum 30 Marathon events/attempts in his career.

CS&PF: ratified channel swims of 2009


157 solo and relay swim 1-way attempts -- 112 successful swims = 71% success rate
97 x solo 1 -way crossing -- 61 successful + 1 x 2-way successful swim = 63
1- way crossings & 65% success rate
25 x 1- way 6 person standard relays -- 22 successful
30 x 1-way special relays -- 27 successful
58 relays in total -- 52 successful a 90% success rate

SOLO SWIMS E/F      Hrs mins secs

Shelley Taylor Smith: Attitude Is Everything

The original article is posted on Feel-for-the-water since Sunday, November 29, 2009

Six weeks ago on Feel For The Water we featured a special guest post by Shelley Taylor Smith. The post was so well received that we've twisted Shelley's arm and got her back for part two - an inspirational story from her swimming career which you can read below.

An interesting fact when you read this: Shelley swam the 90km from Sydney to Wollongong at an average of 88 strokes per minute. Those of you benefiting from training with a Wetronome will know that's an amazingly high rate to hold for 12 hours!

Shelley is an open water swimming legend – a 7 time World Champion and 5 time winner of the mighty 48km Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. Known for her mental toughness and fearsome competitiveness, she’s an inspirational figure to many people around the world. See why below!

(You can read Shelley's first post on Feel For The Water here.)

Swim Smooth!

Johnny Weissmuller, An Open Water Swimming Hero

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Although he is best known as Tarzan and one of the greatest pool swimmers of all time with 5 Olympic gold medals and one bronze, Johnny Weissmuller was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 1970.

Johnny's longest open water swim was the 3.2K (2 miles) Chicago River Race. But, even more importantly, Johnny accepted an assignment as the International Commissioner of Marathon Swimming and represented the sport of marathon swimming and the World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation for which we are extraordinarily grateful.

Open Water Opportunities For All. IPC world championship

The International Paralympic Committee conducted its first 5K open water world championship swim in Mar de Plata, Argentina in 2003.

The second International Paralympic Committee (IPC) World Championships to have a 5K race was in Durban, South Africa in 2006.

We are looking forward to the next IPC world championship 5K race in the Netherlands in 2010.

The 2010 IPC Swimming World Championships will be held at the E3 beach in Eersel where the competition will be open class (meaning that athletes from different handicap classes will compete against one another).

Minimum Age Requirements For Marathon Swimming

The original article is posted on partnersite 10k swimmer since Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We read a recent article about 10-year-old Swapnali Yadav, nicknamed in India as the 'Little Mermaid', who completed the 10K Bermuda Round the Sound Open Swim in October. This article reported that Swapnali was chosen by world governing body FINA to participate and represent India in the Bermuda Round the Sound Swim, organized by the Bermuda Swimming Association under the aegis of FINA.

The Bermuda Round the Sound Swim is not an event sanctioned or organized by FINA, but is instead produced and organized by 2008 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year Randy Nutt who does a masterful job hosting this annual event.

South Africans excel in icy Alaskan island extreme cold water swim race

The original article is posted (with pictures) on LeapCommunications.

Two South Africans tied for third place and five others completed one of the world’s longest cold water swim races, 13.2km around a remote island off Alaska on Sunday, characterized by the presence of Humpback whales.

Renowned Capetonian extreme swimmers Kieron Palframan and Ryan Stramrood, both 35, surged through a field of 50 solo and relay participants in the Pennock Island Challenge, in south western Alaska, to tie for third in a time of 3h26 min while their teammates all completed the race in what they termed “respectable” times.

The water temperature varied from 14 to 15 degrees along the route while the air temperature was a chilly 12 degrees.

All seven South Africans were among 14 of the 43 entrants who did not wear wetsuits and three of them, Ram Barkai, 51, Andrew Chin, 40, and Toks Viviers, 47, were the only swimmers to participate without caps which are vital to retaining body heat.

First 25km swim around from Palm to Palm marks World Diabetes Day

The original article by Leah Oatway is posted (with picture) on The National since November 14. 2009 7:23PM GMT

DUBAI // Jason Thom emerged from the sea at the popular Le Meridien Mina Seyahi beach resort to a hero’s welcome yesterday after swimming for almost five hours from Palm Jebel Ali to Palm Jumeirah to raise awareness for World Diabetes Day.

Dozens of friends, work colleagues and onlookers waded into the water to greet the 29-year-old financier from Johannesburg, South Africa, as he completed the final 200 metres of his exhausting, 25km journey.

Mr Thom, the first man to attempt the swim, began training for it six months ago, spurred on by the desire to raise awareness for a disease which affects one in five adults in the UAE, the second-highest rate in the world behind only the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru.

An interview with Steven Munatones

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Today we are thrilled to have a conversation with Steven Munatones, who may know more about OW swimming, swims, history, training, competitors, and techniques than any other human on the planet. He is the man behind 10KSwimmer, the encyclopaedic must-read blog for anyone interested in OW swimming. We don’t know how he manages to be everywhere at once in the world of OW swimming, but we are thankful he does.

Read on for our interview with Steven Munatones, with a few special tips for newer competitive OW swimmers at the bottom.

What would you like readers to know about you?
I see my role to help promote the sport, educate coaches and support athletes and parents in any way possible using every form of media available. I also see my role as a historian of the sport and helping document the rules and write about swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Human Polar Bear Attempting Swim On Everest

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A British swimmer nicknamed "the human polar bear" is planning to become the first man to swim in a lake on Mount Everest, to highlight the effects of climate change in the Himalayas.

Next April Lewis Gordon Pugh will take a dip in the waters of a lake on the Khumbu Glacier, 17,000ft above sea level.

He will attempt the 1km swim in just his Speedos, swimming cap and goggles and is expecting, or possibly hoping, to only spend 20 minutes in the water.

The mountain range's glaciers provide water to more than 1.3bn people and are receding faster than in any part of the world.

Temperatures in the Himalayas have risen by around 1 degree Celsius and some are predicting the glaciers could be gone within 25 years.

The endurance swimmer said: "These glaciers are not just ice. They are a lifeline - they provide water to a fifth of the world's population.

How I got my body: Keri-anne Payne, open-water swimmer

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Name: Keri-anne Payne
Sport: Open-water swimming
Age: 21
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 67kg

Born to British parents in Johannesburg, Payne moved to Britain when she was 13. She now lives near Manchester and trains with the British swimming squad as part of Stockport ITC (Intensive Training Centre). Three of the squad won medals in the open-water 10k in Beijing. Payne won a silver after leading the field for two hours, and more recently a gold in the open-water 10k World Championships.

People always ask how many lengths I can do.It's like asking how many breaths can I take. I could do lengths all day - but there's a limit to how much it's advisable to do.

By Way Of The Bristol Channel

source: 10kswim.blogspot.com

Gethin Jones of Swansea became the first person to swim across the Bristol Channel from Ilfracombe to Swansea. The Bristol Channel is an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Wales from southwest England. Gethin swam 30.5 nautical miles in 21 hours and 39 minutes.

With an English Channel crossing under his belt, Gethin faced a longer distance and the world's second largest tidal variation when crossing the Bristol Channel. "The swim was definitely as tough as I imagined," said the 43=year-old Gethin. "In the end, we weren't sure where we were going to land. I just needed to touch the cliff, but I made the decision to swim that little bit extra in order to come into Caswell Bay, my training beach."

Swimmer aims for long-distance trifecta

The original article by Don Norcross is posted on SignonsanDiego since 2:00 a.m. September 11, 2009

Seconds past midnight on Aug. 25, Todd Robinson dived into the dark water off Catalina Island. His quest? With the aid of an illuminated kayak and kayaker to guide the way and swimmers pacing him, cross the 21-mile Catalina Channel to Palos Verdes on his first attempt. And, if fortunate, break the men's world record.

Eight hours, five minutes and 44 seconds later, crawling on all fours across jagged rocks interspersed between bolders, Robinson cleared the water line, accomplishing both goals.

Hypothermic and barely able to stand, Robinson did not thrust both arms skyward in celebration. Instead, he was propped up by two of his pacers. Swimming back to his support boat, Robinson was informed he had broken the 16-year-old men's world record by nine minutes, two seconds.

For a World without Borders and without Barriers

Rome, 28th September 2009 source: perunmondosenzabarriere.blogspot.com

The photo story >>>here<<<

Yesterday, 27th September, I concluded an extraordinary experience which took me around Europe for five months. If I think of the time in which I was planning this project, I feel as if I have lived a dream come true. The dream wasn’t that I successfully concluded a tough, but not impossible challenge, but in the results I achieved from a human point o view.
During these five months, I’ve discovered some very special people, full of enthusiasm and true testimonials of the word solidarity. To find friends with whom to share a project is already in some ways a victory and at this moment I feel I am a winner! It’s in Sport, in this healthy and marvellous environment, that for the first time I understood that diversity can be an added value.


Terrific Three Days In Three Seas

source partnersite: 10kswimmer.com

Between September 23-25, 10 swimmers completed the 30K Three Days in Three Seas marathon swim (called Shlosha Yamim BeShlosha Yamim in Hebrew) over the course of 53 hours.

The swimmers did 3 10K swims in 3 different seas on 3 consecutive days.

On Day 1, the group, ages 24-55, swam in an aquatic peloton (pace line) and started in the north with a 10K in the Sea of Galilee. On Day 2, the group did their 10K in the Mediterranean off the coast of Tel Aviv. On Day 3, the group did a 10K in the Red Sea, from the southernmost border between Israel and Jordan to the border of Israel and Egypt.