News Summary of August 1, 2010

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News Summary of July 31, 2010

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News Summary of July 30, 2010

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VIDEO: Open Water Swim Tactics by Steve Munatones

VIDEO: Open Water Swim Tactics
Learn what the world's best open water swimmers look for, think about and do during a world-class open water swim and it's implications for triathletes looking to improve the swim leg of their race.

Most people swimming one length in a 24 hour relay


On 12 June 2010 at precisely 20:00, 'Swim For Children' (Italy) broke the Guinness World Record for most people swimming one length in a 24 hour relay, with 5,028 participants successfully completing a minimum distance of 18.3 m (60 ft), in Padovanuoto, Padova, Italy.The event started at 20:00 on 11 June, with mostly adults dominating the opening hours of the attempt and impressing the time keepers from Federazione Italiana Cronometristi (Italian Timekeepers Association) and judges from Gruppo Ufficiali Gara della Federazione Italiana di Nuoto (Italian Swimming Judges Federation) who dedicated their expertise throughout the 24 hour period.

Historic triumph for Italy in the men's 5km


Historic triumph for Italy in the men’s 5km
Balatonfured (pps) Italy’s open water swimmers celebrated a historic triumph at the European Open Water Swimming Championships at Balatonfured in Hungary when they achieved a clean sweep in the men’s 5km – the first ever in the history of the Continental event in open water swimming. Luca Ferretti was the last starter in the time trial but the fastest at the finish in 58:48.4 minutes. Simone Ercoli finished runner-up in 59:00.5min. Simone Ruffini shared the bronze medal with defending champion Spyridon Gianniotis (Greece) in 59:15.9min.



We very much regret that, following discussions with the Solent Coastguard, we will not be able to swim across the Solent in September. We have agonised long and hard over this decision, as we know how much effort and training you have all invested into this swim, and have not made it lightly. We have been unable to secure enough safety canoes to ensure that you have a safe swim across the Solent, and as we cannot compromise on safety we have to cancel the swim.

30th European Championship


Women’s 25km Open Water Swimming  8 August- Olga Beresnyeva (UKR), gold, 5:48:10.2 hours: ’That’s not only a great surprise to me but possibly to all here. This was my first ever race in the 25km - and I really can’t believe that I became European champion at the first attempt. It is also the first ever European open water swimming medal for the Ukraine. Since the race wasn’t too fast in the first three laps I still had enough power left for a finishing sprint.’

Interview Nadandolibre: · David Meca · World of Water

original with pictures: · Nadandolibre · David Meca · World of Water ·  (translated with Google)

David Meca Medina (Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain, February 1, 1974) Spanish long distance swimmer in open water.
He has been world champion in the FINA World Open Water Swimming in Honolulu (2000) and Montreal (2005). It also has nine other medals from World and European officials.

Video: Start 10K male Hoorn 2010

Here is some footage of the start of the 10K male Hoorn 2010.

The hectic was great and the swimmers started 20m past the startline.

Open Water Swimming - Thomas Lurz: "Olympic gold would be the greatest feat"


Open Water Swimming - Thomas Lurz: “Olympic gold would be the greatest feat” Balatonfuered (pps) Thomas Lurz’s medal collection is already impressive. The German can boast nine World titles, more than any other open water swimmer, plus three European gold medals. Lurz has altogether 20 Olympic, World and European medals on his record. But one medal has as yet eluded him. “I would exchange all the other World and European medal for Olympic gold”, the double 2006 European champion at Balatonalmadi disclosed prior to the start of this year’s European Championships at Balatonfuered, 20km from the site four years ago, where he won the 5km and 10km. Three weeks ago he achieved his ninth World title in the 5km at Roberval, Canada, winning this event for the sixth successive time.

FINA report: World OWS Championships 2010 Roberval Canada


COMPETITION SCHEDULESaturday, July 17: 10km Women
Sunday, July 18: 10km Men
Tuesday, July 20: 5km Men and Women
Thursday, July 22: 25km Men and Women

World's Longest Marathon Swimming Relay Attempt Underway

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The Voice of Russia reported that 25 swimmers from Russia and China started on a 1,300K marathon relay along the Amur River, the world's ninth longest river that represents the border between the Russian Far East and northeastern China, to the Tatar Strait, a strait in the Pacific Ocean dividing the Russian island of Sakhalin from mainland Asia. They will finish at Sakhailin Island (see chart on right) in an attempt to earn mention in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Special Olympics

From June 25th to July 4th 2011, in Athens, 7.500 Special Olympics athletes from 185 countries, from all ability levels, will compete in 22 Olympic-type sports.

the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games to be held in Athens will have open water swimming as an exhibition event.