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Protestor plans 9000 km swim through plastic Pacific

The original article by Alison Caldwell is posted on The World Today (ABC) since Monday, December 14, 2009 12:55:00

ELEANOR HALL: He admits he's mad but swimmer and environmentalist, Richard Pain, says Nick Minchin and Tony Abbott made him angry enough to take on an unusual challenge.

The 45-year-old is in training for a 9,000 kilometre swim across the Pacific from Japan to California to highlight the problems of pollution and climate change.

And his course will take him straight through what's known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a mass of plastic junk that is almost the size of the Northern Territory.

Richard Pain spoke to Alison Caldwell about his plan.

RICHARD PAIN: Yeah, I have had it said in the past I am a bit crazy. I saw a film called 'Big River Man' about a man called Martin Strel who swam down the Amazon, that is 5,500 kilometres. He inspired me.

10k Swimmer names library for open water swimming

The original blog by Steven Munatones is posted on 10k swimmer since Sunday, December 6, 2009

Open Water Swimming Movies and Books

In this virtual, digitally-driven world, the joy of reading a book remains a treasure where you can lose yourself in the world of the written word.

Here is a short list of popular and wonderfully entertaining and informative books on open water swimming:


1. The Great Swim

A Very Special Open Water Swim In Marathon

The original blog by Steven Munatones was posted on 10k swimmer since Sunday, December 6, 2009

On July 1st, 2011, the Special Olympics will hold an open water swimming demonstration event at its 2011 World Summer Games.

This exciting development in the world of open water swimming – which truly demonstrates the expanding reach and scope of our sport – will be a 1.5K sea swim, held parallel to the shoreline, for 35 athletes. The race will be held in the 25° (77°F) waters off the Sailing Academy in the City of Marathon, Greece.

To qualify, the athletes must meet the time standard of one hour in the 1500-meter pool freestyle and will also be required to participate in the 800-meter freestyle in the pool competition.

Due to the beautiful seaside course in City of Marathon and the inherent challenge of open water swimming, the 1.5K course is expected to showcase the ability and potential for the athletes with intellectual disabilities in a dramatic fashion.

Dan Martin - Crossing The Atlantic Right

The original blog is posted (with picture) on partnersite 10k swimmer since Tuesday, November 24, 2009

British adventurer Dan Martin is crossing the Atlantic Ocean the hard way - and the right way.

An amazing adventure

Starting in May 2010, Dan will attempt a 5,800K (3,603-mile) crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Brest in northwestern France, hoping to complete his swim in 3-4 months. But unlike the other three individuals who have crossed the Atlantic largely depending on the strength of the ocean currents, Dan's Global Triathlon ocean sea leg is going to admirably follow the standard and more restrictive rules of stage swimming. That is, instead of getting on an escort boat and floating across the ocean when he is resting, sleeping and eating, Dan is going finish each day's eight-hour swim and then mark his position by GPS. His boat will literally drop him back into the ocean to begin the next day's swim at the precise spot he finished the day before.

An Open Water Swimming Pioneer - Harry Huffaker

The original blog was posted (with picture) on partnersite 10k swimmer since Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dr. Harry Huffaker, shown on left at the age of 50 after 18 hours in the channels in Hawaii, has had a remarkable open water swimming career where he has achieved an incredible numbers of successes, but nearly always after dramatically disappointing failures.

Throughout his career, Harry faced scary night swims, sharks, jellyfish, massive ocean swells and extremely strong currents during unprecedented swims in the tropical waters of Hawaii, but he always fought back and returned to conquer the major channels of the Hawaiian Islands.

During his 1967 Molokai Channel swim, Harry saw a large shark and was going to immediately get out, but when he looked for the support boat, the shark was between him and his boat, which was too far away for an easy escape. Fortunately, the shark swam away - as did Harry towards his goal which he finally reached after 16+ hours.

Don't You Get Cold?

The original blog is posted on OG Attempts the English Channel since Sunday 11/22/09

The water temperature has begun to descend on its annual glide path to a landing somewhere in the low 50’s or high 40’s Fahrenheit. There are a couple of signs the temperature is dropping aside from the wall gauge at the Dolphin Club and the digital thermometer at the Kebbe buoy. As the water becomes more frigid, the chirping increases. Some of the swimmers have thermometers on their watches. A common refrain arises as one individual encounters another known to carry this equipment. “What did you get on your watch today?” Each winter, members from both clubs interpolate these assorted measures to establish a consensus calibration.

19k river swim: Bhagirathi

aster Ajeya Moghe (16 years) climbed proudly on the podium; where he stood 3rd in the 19 K River Bhagirathi Race in West Bengal. The said race was conducted in conjunction with annual 81 K Race. Ajeya was not trained at all for the marathon swim this year as he has been very busy in attending various pool competitions. However, fully focused & determined, narrowly missed first & second place behind an Olympian from Bangladesh. His 2hrs 11 min was good enough to wind Bronze medal. All three swimmers touch the land within 60 Sec. barrier.

Just two days after Ajeya won 3 Individual Gold Medals in all Back Stroke Events in Senior State Championships reserving his berth for Sr. Nationals. He also kept on winning many Gold Medals in competitions at various levels including 3 Silvers at School Nationals. Ajeya so far has swum 30 Marathon events/attempts in his career.

CS&PF: ratified channel swims of 2009


157 solo and relay swim 1-way attempts -- 112 successful swims = 71% success rate
97 x solo 1 -way crossing -- 61 successful + 1 x 2-way successful swim = 63
1- way crossings & 65% success rate
25 x 1- way 6 person standard relays -- 22 successful
30 x 1-way special relays -- 27 successful
58 relays in total -- 52 successful a 90% success rate

SOLO SWIMS E/F      Hrs mins secs

Shelley Taylor Smith: Attitude Is Everything

The original article is posted on Feel-for-the-water since Sunday, November 29, 2009

Six weeks ago on Feel For The Water we featured a special guest post by Shelley Taylor Smith. The post was so well received that we've twisted Shelley's arm and got her back for part two - an inspirational story from her swimming career which you can read below.

An interesting fact when you read this: Shelley swam the 90km from Sydney to Wollongong at an average of 88 strokes per minute. Those of you benefiting from training with a Wetronome will know that's an amazingly high rate to hold for 12 hours!

Shelley is an open water swimming legend – a 7 time World Champion and 5 time winner of the mighty 48km Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. Known for her mental toughness and fearsome competitiveness, she’s an inspirational figure to many people around the world. See why below!

(You can read Shelley's first post on Feel For The Water here.)

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