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Ein Speckmantel gegen die Kälte

"Irgendwann fühlt es sich nicht mehr wie eine Hand an, sondern wie ein Klumpen": Bei der Eisschwimm-WM treffen sich Experten und bibbernde Anfänger. Ein Besuch bei den Verehrern der Kälte in Burghausen.

Eisschwimmen, Lektion eins: Kopfsprünge sind verboten, weil durch die Kälte unter Wasser Schnappatmung einsetzen würde. Zweite Lektion: Nicht am Rand schwimmen, denn das Eis holt sich den See schnell zurück und wächst hauchzart nach. Dritte Lektion: Wenn sich der Urinstinkt meldet und sagt "raus hier", kann man ihm gehorchen. Oder weiterschwimmen.

TEDWomen update: Diana Nyad and EverWalk Nation

At the age of 64, Diana Nyad became the first person to make the 110-mile swim from Havana to Key West without a shark cage. The swim took her 52 hours and 54 minutes to complete, a lifetime goal she had begun dreaming of in the late 1970s. She made her first attempt in 1978 at the age of 28. Then after decades of not swimming, she decided to try again in her 60s. After three unsuccessful attempts, she made it in 2013.

Ice swimming being taken seriously by open water swimmers

2016-01-09 - Burghausen - Open water swimming is developing into the colder regions... Racing distances in water under 5C is becoming a proper sport. One can see that in the number of participants and the number of countries entering the competitions. The number of events is growing too. Many of the participants are competitive open water swimmers (FINA-federations-swimmers and non-FINA-swimmers alike).

Steven Munatones is writing a series of articles on the World Championships in Burghausen Germany on his website The Daily News of Open Water Swimming. More articles may follow.

Natural born chillers

Climbers have always flocked to the hills of Snowdonia and the Lake District in winter but now they are being joined by adventurers clad in nothing but their swimming costumes.

The first winter snow has settled on the fells above the town of Windermere, in the Lake District. Purple clouds loom over the peaks, promising more to come. But I’m not here to climb the mountains: I’m about to go for a swim.

My guide, Colin Hill, is one of the UK’s most experienced cold-water swimmers. “For the World Winter Swimming Championship

My swimming odyssey: ‘It felt like a last chance to prove what I was capable of’

It seemed like the ultimate challenge: a 5km swim between Greek islands. But would it help me deal with a trauma to come?

I had always thought I could swim. It may have been because I could run. It may have been because I wanted to swim. Or because I only ever did 10 minutes of breaststroke at a time, or splashed off a warm beach. But I really couldn’t swim.

GSS 1st Global Rankings Report of 2017

2017 is now upon us and here at the Global Swim Series we’re past halfway through our increasingly exciting 2016/17 season.  The start of the season, back in 2016, saw things get very competitive between North America and Europe.  Now in the middle of their summer the Australians and New Zealanders have their chance to catch up.  There’s still a lot more GSS action to take place down under (not to mention in 5 other countries as well!), including the Newport Pool to Peak Ocean Swim taking place this Sunday.  With plenty more races the swimmers in our Pacific Region are starting to move up the in the rankings.

Spanish athlete David Meca completes Strait of Gibraltar swim attempt

A WORLD champion swimmer has battled big waves and strong winds to swim the Straits of Gibraltar.

Catalan David Meca, of Sabadell, took 3 hours and 39 minutes to complete the tough 14.3 km (8.9 mile) challenge, which saw him swim from Tarifa to Morocco’s Point Cires earlier today despite a strong south westerly wind.

Identify And Conquer Your Swim Weakness

The sooner you identify your specific downfall as a swimmer, the faster you’ll be out of the open water and onto your bike. Pick which swimmer best describes you and follow the advice to overcome your weakness.

The One-speed Wonder

Your 50 sprint feels the same speed as your 500 easy.

Why you have this problem: Do you swim......

Swimming contest on Bosporus world's best open water event in 2016

The World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) has announced the Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim as 2016's best open water swimming event in the category of "Offering of the Year."

At the award ceremony American former water polo athlete and open sea swimmer, Steven Munatones, said, "The Turkish Olympic Committee, its staff and volunteers organize and plan, budget and execute one of the finest and most iconic events in the world. The future is very bright for this event and its leadership in the sport of open water swimming is well-established and globally recognized."