Emily Brunemann checks in from Hong Kong atop standings FINA 10k Open Water Swimming World Cup

Team USA’s Emily Brunemann is on a nice streak this year and is currently leading the FINA 10K World Cup standings. We checked in with Emily today (which is tomorrow in Hong Kong) to find out how things are going as she and the rest of team USA (Christine Jennings and Tristan Baxter) prepare for the final 10K world cup race.

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10km World Cup: Lurz (GER) and Brunemann (USA), the best in 2013

Lausanne (SUI), October 5, 2013 – Germany’s Thomas Lurz, among men, and US Emily Brunemann, in the women’s field, were the overall winners of the 2013 FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup, after the completion of the eighth and final race of the season, on October 5 in Hong Kong (HKG).

In Asian waters, Lurz finished in the seventh position, but the comfortable advance he had in the overall ranking before the Hong Kong rendezvous was enough to secure the title – the German star finished the circuit with a total of 100 points, better than France’s Romain Beraud (86) and Allan do Carmo (BRA, third with 78 points).

Results: 2013 FINA OWS 10K, Shantou, China

With only Hong Kong to go Thomas LURZ has increased his lead in the overall ranking in the FINA 10 km to 92 points and is sure to win it. Romain BERAUD who's standing second can't get more than 90 in total.

For the woman Emily BRUNEMANN has now 104 points and is also out of reach of Ana Marcela CUNHA with 82 points.

2nd attempt at the: First Intercontinental Swimming Relay from Eurasia to America across the Bering Strait "Meeting the Sun"

After the cancelation in 2012 of the First Intercontinental Swimming Relay from Eurasia to America across the Bering Strait "Meeting the Sun" they will try it again in July - August 2013   source: translated in English original in Russian:

The Canadian Paul Duffield is one off the invited swimmers source:

7 hospitalized as rough seas rock swim event

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Seven people were hospitalized and one person reportedly died yesterday due to exhaustion after swimming against strong ocean currents in an attempt to return to shore at the 2013 Olympic Hengchun Open Water Swimming event in Kenting.

According to police, most of the rescued swimmers showed signs of fatigue and hypothermia. United Evening News reported that one elderly swimmer passed away after going into shock. At the time of print, the Central News Agency had not reported any deaths.

Police said four men and three women were receiving medical treatment for water inhalation, with two in a serious condition and undergoing intubation treatment. Five reportedly recovered and had been discharged.

Sea conditions were treacherous during the event and participants were forced to swim against a strong ocean current to return to shore.

14 K All India Long Distance Swimming Competition, Kolkata (West Bengal)

14 K All India Long Distance Swimming Competition, Kolkata (West Bengal)

After layoff of 6 months for variety of reasons and totally out of shape, Master Atharva Rakshe (14 years) returned to pool with a dream to swim 14 K All India Long Distance Swimming Competition. He had only 1 month to prepare himself for the Race held at Kolkata on 23rd Dec. 2012 in river Hooghly; which he had missed 3 years back due to his fractured leg and could not make it then after due to his short distance swimming commitments. So this time his urge of participation and systematic preparation of daily regimen made his dream comes true. His dedication and calm temperament paid him in such a short call. He completed the stretch in 1 hrs 56 min. to stand on 11th position.

19 K River Bhagirathi Marathon Swim


This time, the only aim was to complete the race and all my three girl swimmers did it in good fashion. Although, this was not their first experience to participate in 19 Kms. River Bhagirathi Race held in Murshidabad, West Bengal, but three of them were in different shape. Both, Miss Tejas Sakaran (15) and Miss Varada Dharmadhikari (16) suffered from harpies and missed major portion of their training. Again they are appearing their Board's exam which decides their career. Therefore, school/college were reluctant to grant them concession. Whereas, Miss Sayali Pendharkar(20), a second year engineering student, had severe temperature and hence was housed for couple of days. But nothing stopped their mental makeup and urge for participation. After all they are swimmer and tougher than any other sport persons.

2013 FINA OWS 10K, Shantou, China

Sunday, 29 September, 2013 (All day)

Date has changed to 29 September 2013

Date: 13 October 2013
Location: Xin Jinhe, Shantou, Guangong, China
Federation: China Swimming Association
Organsier: Shantou Sports Association
Representative: Li Hua - NF Vice President

2013 FINA OWS 10K - Hong Kong, Hong Kong - China

Saturday, 5 October, 2013 (All day)

Date: 5 October 2013
Location: Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, China
Federation: Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association
Representative: Ronnie Wong, Honorary Secretary - NF President +
OC Chairman