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The race was heavy due to a strong competitors field and high water temperatures.

The girl from Udaipur is all set to become the youngest to swim in all oceans

Bhakti Sharma, 22, is quite the water baby. She is the youngest in the world to have crossed seven seas, including four oceans; is only the third person in the world to have swum across the Arctic Ocean, and is now eyeing the Antarctic Ocean to become the youngest to swim in all five oceans.

These days, the Udaipur girl is also basking in the glory of being the recipient of the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award 2012 for water adventure, recently presented by the President of India.

Even as a child, Sharma had made the local pool her playground. In fact, she is an eight-time Rajasthan state champion in competitive swimming. Then when she turned 14, her mother, Leena, suggested she try open water swimming.

Recalls the youngster, who has great story-telling skills, "The thrill of trying something new excited me and I started training for a 16-kilometre swim in the Arabian Sea – from Uran Port to the Gateway of India in Mumbai. After I successfully completed that stretch, I swam 36 kilometres from Dharamtal Port to the Gateway of India.

Video quadruple amputee completing Bering Strait swim

Video of French quadruple amputee Philippe Croizon completing the Bering Strait swim between Alaska's Little Diomede and the Russian island of Big Diomede,

He was denied the landing on the Russian island because of local red tape so he swam 'only' to the border between Alaska and Russia.

Frenchman completes Bering Strait swim

Frenchman Philippe Croizon has completed his traverse of the Bering Strait to become the first man without limbs to swim across the U.S.-Russian border. His achievement follows Friday's announcement that Croizon and his team may be unable to secure the final boarder permits to pass the U.S. maritime boarder and enter Russian waters.

ABC News reported Saturday that Croizon had completed his paddle of the Bering Strait, beginning at Little Diomede Island, Alaska, U.S.A. and finishing at Big Diomede, Russian. The two-and-a-half-mile swim took Croizon about an hour and 20 minutes to complete.

Croizon's completion of the Bering Strait crossing was the final leg in his tour of transcontinental channels linking Asia and North America.  Within the last three months Croizon has traversed from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia, Africa to Asia across the Red Sea and Europe and Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar.

Russians in Chukotka thwart limbless Frenchman's Bering Strait swim

A French swimmer with no limbs still planned to paddle the Bering Strait Friday; however, diplomatic complications have thwarted his attempt at making history.

Despite weeks of working with the government of Chukotka, Philippe Croizon will have to turn around at the maritime border between Russia and the United States after hopes to secure final border permits fell through.

Croizon's plan was to swim the transcontinental channel separating Asia and North America -- his fourth such swim -- between Alaska's Little Diomede Island and Big Diomede, in Russia. Expedition leader Marc Gaviard said the team had received clearance from Moscow to make the two-and-a-half-mile swim, but border guards in Chukotka are balking.

Chukotka -- an autonomous district located in Russia's far east -- is asking that the team receive an invitation to visit the region's borders. However, the only people who can issue an invitation are the ones in charge of the border, Gaviard said. So far, Chukotka has not been willing to do so.

“We had one set of paperwork saying yes, but people on the border saying 'no,'” Gaviard said.

Quadruple amputee prepares for Bering Strait swim

AFP - Two silhouettes cut through the water a few hundred yards (metres) from a rainy, windswept beach bordering the flat grasslands near the small Inuit community of Wales, in the far west of Alaska.

Through the mist on the horizon, the islands of Little Diomede and Big Diomede -- the remote front line of the 40-year Cold War between the Soviet bloc and the United States -- emerge from the freezing seas like insurmountable walls.

On Little Diomede it is Saturday but across the Bering Strait it is already Sunday.

Is Stephen Redmond fast enough this 4th time?

Around 07:00 GMT+2  (10 am local time) Steve started his fourth attempt at conquering Tsugaru Chanel.

If he succeeds he will be the first to finish the Oceans Seven.

Bad weather and the infamous Tsugaru Current in mid-channel beat him the previous three times. Stephen has to swim faster than he's used to do.

The Ocean 7 Challenge defends itself against Stephen

The Ocean 7 Challenge defends itself. Third attempt aborted. The last leg proves the most difficult for Stephen.

Timeline from the Facebook page:

11 June 03:45 h GMT+2 As of a text received from Noel on the boat awhile ago Steve was pulled from the water due to force 7 currents for his safety and the safety of the people on the boats!i have no more info as of yet. When I get it I will post it.

Stephen Redmond, three times a charm?

Stephen Redmond is at it again.

On July 10, 2012 Darren Miller successfully completed  the Tsugaru Channel in Japan.

He took a different route than the one Stephen tried on his two previous attempts.

Now Stephen will follow Darren's route and hope that he'll succeed this time.

You can follow his SPOT GPS on