results: 32# LEN European Swimming Championships 2014

All the Open Water Swimming results of the 32# LEN European Swimming Championships 2014. 
Held in Berlin, Germany from 13 - 17 August 2014

Thomas Lurz Set To Flick The Switch From “Stupid Schedule” To “Never Give Up”

When Thomas Lurz, the most decorated open water swimmer in history, takes to the waters of the Regattastrecke Grünau on the opening day of action at the 32nd European Championships in Berlin, he will carry the hopes of the host nation for the finest possible start.

The seven-times world champion (12 if you count the open water worlds in between the main FINA showcase) with four European crowns in a treasury of 29 major international medals at Olympic, World and continental levels, is a favourite for honours in all three events he has entered, the 5, 10 and 25km.

The 34-year-old is not entirely happy. There are two issues he tows with him to the pontoon: the location (that’s one he’ll shake off the moment he takes the plunge if not well before) and, more importantly, the schedule.

Tomorrow afternoon brings the 5km, then the following morning calls the same men back to the water’s edge to take on the 10km. Two days rest (they’ll need it) and there’s a 25km to look forward to.

Lewis Pugh completed the first leg of his Seven Swims in the Seven Seas for 1 Reason

Renowned endurance swimmer and United Nation’s Environment Programme (UNEP)’s Patron of the Oceans, Lewis Pugh completed the first leg of his Seven Swims in the Seven Seas for 1 Reason campaign to highlight the need for, and importance of Marine Protected Areas on the global agenda.

Lewis completed his swim from Larvotto Beach in Monte Carlo, Monaco and was met by Prince Albert II as he finished the 10km leg which took him three hours and thirty three minutes (see attached picture).

Arctic explorer to swim seven seas for greater protection of oceans

Lewis Pugh undertaking long-distance swims to back calls for 10% of the world’s seas to be declared marine protected areas

British endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh is to undertake seven swims in the Seven Seas to highlight the need for protected areas in oceans around the world.

He will be the first to undertake a long-distance swim in each of the classical Seven Seas, the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean, Black Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and the North Sea, ending with an 100km (62 miles) swim up the Thames to Parliament.

Pugh, who will complete the seven swims this month, is backing calls by the United Nations for 10% of the world’s seas - both around countries and on the high seas - to be declared marine protected areas by 2020 to safeguard fish and other wildlife.

Just 3% of the world’s marine areas are protected, compared to around 13% of the world’s land area.

June-September >1170 events

Heiloo 08-06-2014  - We have >1170 European events listed for the summer.

261 in June

392 in July
372 in August
151 in September

Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam!   Hop in and join the fun!

LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup 2014

LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup 2014           Press Release 29-14           April 25, 2014
21,000 Euros at stake.

The 17th edition of the LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup series gets under way on Friday: the first stage is held in Eilat (ISR), four more legs will follow during the summer and September will see the Final contested in Castellabate (ITA). LEN offers 21,000 EUR in prize money for the best-ranked swimmers of the overall classifications.
According to the entry lists, 66 open water swimmers are about to start their quest in the LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup series: the first leg is to be held on Friday in Eilat (ISR).

LEN calendar 2014

At the LEN conference in Torshavn, Faroe Islands

they decided on the following dates for the calendar:

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