European River Swimming Day - Big Jump

Cyprus Israel Swim aborted

2013-10-18 - The 6 member team swimming from Cyprus to Israel has aborted their swim for safety reasons. The weather turned radically and it was not safe enough to swim in the storm.

Not elected for the WC2013 in Barcelona?

So you're Not elected for the WC2013 in Barcelona?

Stop moping and start swimming.

Open Water Swimming every day of the month in Europe!

This June was the first month in our history that we had an event on every day of the month >>>list<<<

Not all of the 278 events went through because of too cold and/or to much water but they were listed!

Then comes July with 364 events including off course the World Championships in Barcelona but non on July 16th

July includes the 17 National Championships of those 6 are around and during the World Championship ?!?

Now the next month with an event everyday is August with even more (380) events.

For the organizers of events and other interested parties

January 2014 - We have been publishing this website for 6 years now.
We agree that our hobby got a little out of hand. It started with the idea to remove the non-Dutch content from our Dutch Openwater site . (That site has been online since August 1998, which makes it the oldest Dutch Swimming website.)
Some users there complained - in a nice way - that the Dutch content got snowed under by the international content.

2012 LEN Awards: European Aquatic Athletes of the Year


Open Water Swimming: Olympic Champion Eva Risztov on top - Lurz for the fourth time

Hungarian Eva Risztov was the surprising winner of the 2012 Olympic 10km in London. This is why she deserves the title of “LEN’s Female Open Water Swimmer of the Year”. The 27-year-old, who won two medals at the European Long Course Swimming Championships on home ‘turf’ in Debrecen in May, took the title with a clear margin ahead of this year’s Italian European Champions, Martina Grimaldi (10km) and Rachele Bruni (5km).

Limbless Frenchman hoping to swim Alaska to Russia still beached by bad weather

by Suzanna Caldwell | Aug 15, 2012

A French swimmer attempting to be the first limbless man to swim the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia was still beached Wednesday, watching strong winds whip up 10-foot high seas in the sub-Arctic.

Philippe Croizon had hoped to swim from the Alaska island of Little Diomede to neighboring Big Diomede, Russian territory, on Monday, but stormy weather has kept him from making the crossing.

That storm has not passed and probably won't until Friday, according to Jim Brader from the National Weather Service.

The weather station at Wales, an Inupiat village on mainland Alaska about 16 miles east of Little Diomede, has reported sustained winds of about 30-40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.

Quadruple amputee prepares for Bering Strait swim

AFP - Two silhouettes cut through the water a few hundred yards (metres) from a rainy, windswept beach bordering the flat grasslands near the small Inuit community of Wales, in the far west of Alaska.

Through the mist on the horizon, the islands of Little Diomede and Big Diomede -- the remote front line of the 40-year Cold War between the Soviet bloc and the United States -- emerge from the freezing seas like insurmountable walls.

On Little Diomede it is Saturday but across the Bering Strait it is already Sunday.

Immigrant swimmer dies in Channel crossing bid

 THE body of a female refugee wearing a wetsuit who tried to swim across the Channel to Britain has been found on a beach in northern France.

The illegal immigrant carrying a compass and energy food bars is thought to have drowned and been washed back ashore after attempting the hazardous 21-mile crossing.

The young woman of Asian origin also had spare clothes in a plastic pouch and was smeared with vaseline to prevent irritation during the swim through the world’s busiest shipping lane.

Police in Calais said her body was found on a beach near the coastal town of Wimereux, near Boulogne, on Sunday evening.

It is the first ever time an illegal immigrant had made the highly dangerous bid to reach the English coast.

Boulogne public prosecutor Jean-Philippe Joubert said: “The body was spotted by a passer-by on Sunday evening.

“She was wearing a wetsuit and still wet. We found clothes in a bag on cliffs above the beach.

“She was prepared for long distance swimming with vaseline on her skin to prevent irritations.

“She also had more clothes in a plastic bag underneath her wetsuit and a pocket containing energy food bars and a compass.

“Swimming the Channel is a highly dangerous thing to do and is only ever attempted by very experienced swimmers with a support vessel.”