What and where to swim. Difficult choices to make

There are difficult choises to make in Europe.

What and where to swim?

Tom Allen suffers disappointment at final European Junior Championships

The original article by Alec Doyle is posted on Flintshire Chronicle since Aug 18 2011 ,

TOM Allen put his Olympic disappointment behind him to claim silver in the European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships in Navia, Spain.

Reigning champion Allen, 18, of Hope, bounced back after missing out on his first opportunity for London 2012 qualification at the World Championships last month by tackling the 5km race.

And although the former Swim Flintshire athlete – now training with Swansea ITC – delivered a powerful performance, he didn’t quite have enough to retain his title.

Gibraltar: three Italian swimmers realized their dream

source: translated with Google

Saturday, July 9 Luglio Roberto Chiozza, Paolo Guglieri and Paolo Tallone (respectively 49, 42 and 34 years) have realized their dream: to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar.

The company has completed a few days after referral for non-perfect weather conditions up to have an optimal situation for the swim, water not too cold, calm seas and clear skies.
The trip lasted 3 hours and 58 minutes, a tremendous time for the protagonists, who awarded eight months of careful preparation, expertly programmed by their coach Marco Briatore.

Busiest weekend is still to come

Today on July 11, 2011 there are still 695 events to go in 2011 and already 547 are past this year. (over 1,200 events totally)

But the busiest weekend is on August 6 and 7 with 75 events all over Europe.

Letter from the webmasters

01 April 2011
Hello visitors,

The season is about to start for 'real' in Europe soon.
We mainly had pool
swims and new years day dips so far.

Big Jump - European River Swimming Day, Europe

Sunday, 10 July, 2011 - 15:00

10 july 2011   3pm GMT+2

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Over 950 events already listed. What about yours?

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