2# Trophy Ksamil Island, Albania

Saturday, 3 June, 2017 (All day)

ALBANIA OPEN WATER SWIMMING - A.O.W.S. is pleased to present and to organize the 2° TROPHY KSAMIL ISLAND involving all swimmers and amateur athletes who practice this sport because they love the challenge themselves, and savor the feeling of being free swimming in the sea .

Ksamil is a common in southern Albania in the District of Saranda which will host the event.

1# Trophy Ksamil Island, Ksamil, Albania

Saturday, 2 May, 2015 - 09:00

Albania Open Water Swimming presents the 1°Trophy Ksamil Island with the objective to make you spend an unforgettable day always respecting nature and swimming safely in the crystal waters in the Ionian Sea ...
Their project has the prerogative to organize for the first time an International competition of open water swimming in Albania, and then to introduce an activity sports still little practiced in a country with landscapes.

Albania Open Water Swim AOWS

Progetto Adriatico -Massimo Voltolina swum across (85km) the Adriatic Sea

source translated with Google:

Monday, September 5 Massimo Voltolina, triathlete from Emilia, has successfully completed the first non-stop crossing of the Adriatic Sea called "Progetto Adriatico" (Project Adriatic sea). A crossing that already was attempted by others but without success, such as cross-country skier Paul Pinto in the summer of 1986 who had to surrender. Massimo Voltolina wore no suite!

The trip began Sunday, September 4 at 14:26 from Punta Palascia on the coast of Otranto and ended on the coast of Capo Linguetta in Albania at 14:10 the following day, for a total of 23 hours and 44 minutes of swimming without interruptions and following the route mapped out by the instruments aboard the Navy, which connects the island Saseno and Punta Linguetta.