10.000 events


10.000 events

This month February 2015 we have added the 10,000th race in the calendar.
The counter for 2015 already stands now at 750 events.

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This page updated 2 January 2015

Site started 1 February 2008.
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We have listed over 8,980 events in the calendar so far.

2014 WOWSA Award Nominees

It's the time for awards again.

Best Wishes

Openwater swimmer and blogger LoneSwimmer wins again

Openwater swimmer, photographer and blogger LoneSwimmer has won again the Irish Blog Awards for Best Sport and Recreation award.

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June-September >1170 events

Heiloo 08-06-2014  - We have >1170 European events listed for the summer.

261 in June

392 in July
372 in August
151 in September

Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam!   Hop in and join the fun!