Open Water Swimming every day of the month in Europe!

This June was the first month in our history that we had an event on every day of the month >>>list<<<

Not all of the 278 events went through because of too cold and/or to much water but they were listed!

Then comes July with 364 events including off course the World Championships in Barcelona but non on July 16th

July includes the 17 National Championships of those 6 are around and during the World Championship ?!?

Now the next month with an event everyday is August with even more (380) events.

Aquablog Eau-libre

ice-swimming Germany

Anatacao da Madeira

Travesías Mallorca


Android App: Open Water Swimming Event Finder

The mainly UK oriented website has developed an App for Android to find events across the UK and Eire. Details for each event include the date, the distances to be swum and the location. By touching any event you will be taken to a details dialog from which you can see More Details, go to the relevant website for that event or add to My Events.

Ukraine masters

Beringstrait Swim