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January 2014 - We have been publishing this website for 6 years now.
We agree that our hobby got a little out of hand. It started with the idea to remove the non-Dutch content from our Dutch Openwater site . (That site has been online since August 1998, which makes it the oldest Dutch Swimming website.)
Some users there complained - in a nice way - that the Dutch content got snowed under by the international content.

Finances forces the site to stop in its current form


Dear readers,

December 31, 2012 NAL close the blog: the countdown has begun Site as we know it today.

Since 2009, NAL has tried to give a voice to the world of open water swimming, enhance the movement as independently as possible without leaning share some, working as closely as possible to collect the fragmented information of the Italian situation and make it available in a basket that could be reference for enthusiasts and the curious of this activity.

By just 15 thousand readers of the first year, the startup has consolidated this year over 180 thousand unique users reached last year, counting dozens of emails per day contacts which give an answer, but as a self-financed the reality NAL blog is intended for filling and the time limit is set for December 31, 2012.

9# Winter Swimming World Championships, Rovaniemi, Finland