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Channel swim

3 new World Records all women relay double Channel crossing!

The all women relay team Dutch Ladies First pulverized (in the words of Lance Oram the pilot) the previous record swum by an American team by more than 30 minutes

England - France, new record:  9 hours 57 min (old record was 10 hours 4 min)

France - England, new record: 8 hours 25 min  (old record was 8 hours 55 min)

England - France - England new total time 18 hours 22 min (old record was 18 hours 59 min)

Immigrant swimmer dies in Channel crossing bid

 THE body of a female refugee wearing a wetsuit who tried to swim across the Channel to Britain has been found on a beach in northern France.

The illegal immigrant carrying a compass and energy food bars is thought to have drowned and been washed back ashore after attempting the hazardous 21-mile crossing.

The young woman of Asian origin also had spare clothes in a plastic pouch and was smeared with vaseline to prevent irritation during the swim through the world’s busiest shipping lane.

Police in Calais said her body was found on a beach near the coastal town of Wimereux, near Boulogne, on Sunday evening.

It is the first ever time an illegal immigrant had made the highly dangerous bid to reach the English coast.

Boulogne public prosecutor Jean-Philippe Joubert said: “The body was spotted by a passer-by on Sunday evening.

“She was wearing a wetsuit and still wet. We found clothes in a bag on cliffs above the beach.

“She was prepared for long distance swimming with vaseline on her skin to prevent irritations.

“She also had more clothes in a plastic bag underneath her wetsuit and a pocket containing energy food bars and a compass.

“Swimming the Channel is a highly dangerous thing to do and is only ever attempted by very experienced swimmers with a support vessel.”

Relay record attempt Dutch Ladies First

The Relay team Dutch Ladies First is at Dover awaiting their start for a double crossing. http://dutchladiesfirst.noww.nl/

Their combined swimming time is good enough to attempt to break several records.

Current Channel-records for a 6 team all female relay are:

  • England - France:                     09 hours 07 minutes
  • France - England:                     08 hours 55 minutes
  • England - France - England      18 hours 55 minutes
  • Dutch (all male) relay record England - France  09 hours 29 minutes (fastest Channel relay crossing in 2010)

Irishman dies on English channel swim as wife watches from support boat

source: http://www.irishcentral.com

Paraic Casey was within sight of France when tragedy struck

A shocked wife looked on from a boat as her husband suffered a fatal heart attack less than a mile from the shore as he took part in a cross-channel swim from England to France.

Galwayman Paraic Casey died in front of his wife, Riana, just minutes after he fell ill during the final leg of his charity swim with fellow members of a Kinsale club.

The 45-year-old, a resident of Passage West in Cork, had shown no sign of illness or problems before his collapse.

Casey was hauled onto the support boat but suffered a massive heart-attack and died before he reached hospital.

Just before the tragedy, Riana had tweeted: “He IS gonna do this, his pilot is happy with how he’s going. Picking his landing spot as I type!”

The Irish Independent reports that Riana had previously tweeted that she joined her husband in the water for part of the swim.

“He is in great form and I struggled to keep up with him,” she wrote.

Casey got into difficulty less than a mile from the French shoreline and was hauled into the boat by the support crew.

The Inconsistencies in Marathon Swimming

by Scott Zornig, SBCSA President

Marathon swimming is an amazing sport that tests the limits of human endurance like few other athletic endeavors. I would put marathon swimming right alongside the Tour de France, ultra marathons, free diving, mountain climbing and the Iditarod. Marathon swimming includes long distances, cold water, unpredictable currents, large waves, darkness, predators and plenty of risk, which uniquely challenges a person both physically and mentally.

26 Jun'12 - Wendy Trehiou is first successful solo CSPF swimmer of 2012

source: http://cspf.co.uk

Wendy swam the Channel in an unofficial time of 15 hours on Tuesday 26th June.  The water was 14C most of the way, and a tad warmer at 15C once out of the shipping lane.

She was accompanied by a whole pink army from Jersey.

St Neots father targets English Channel breaststroke record

IN exactly 100 days, a St Neots man hopes to swim his way into the record books by becoming the 10th and oldest person to swim breaststroke across the English Channel.

Father-of-two Bryn Dymott will set out from Dover Harbour on Thursday, August 16 to navigate 21 miles through some of the harshest elements and choppiest waters at temperatures of little more than 10 degrees Celsius.

The 49-year-old from Love’s Farm intends to emulate Captain Matthew Webb, the first person to swim the Channel unassisted, in 1875.

Mr Dymott, who made his first foray into open water swimming in the River Great Ouse, where he regularly trains, hopes to raise thousands of pounds for the charity Parkinson’s UK.

Swimming mums train for Channel

source: salisburyjournal.co.uk

A GROUP of New Forest mums who swim in the sea all year round are training for a cross-Channel relay in aid of two organisations they are hoping they won’t need – the RNLI and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.

Gill Muldoon, Viv Artinstall and Beckie Spry from Fordingbridge, Gemma Peat from Ringwood and Emma Christianson and Lucy Hawthorne from Southbourne belong to the Seabrook Seals open water swimming group and will be taking the challenge next year.

The swimmers were inspired to tackle the Channel by their coach Dee Seabrook, a professional swimming instructor who herself took part in a cross-Channel swim last year in aid of Dorset Air Ambulance.

Seven deadly swims

Read the full article (with picture) on Irish Post

STEVE REDMOND used to swim for fun in Athy pool, a few miles up the road from his childhood home in Castledermot. Splashing around, carefree and young, in south Kildare — that was fun. That was a long time ago.

When Redmond swims now he’s in a half world somewhere between exhaustion and exhilaration, pain and a numb void, life and death.

‘It’s like climbing Mount Everest bollock naked and blindfold’ – Marathon swimmer on the verge of making history

YOU WOULD BE forgiven for questioning the sanity of Steve Redmond.

The 47-year-old, who was raised in London, moved to Castledermot, Co Kildare, and now lives in Cork, has been pushing his body to the absolute physical limit over the past few years.

He’s felt muscles he didn’t even know he had cramp up midway through 44-miles of hell in Hawaii, swam in icy cold waters with nothing but a pair of speedos and a swimming cap to protect him and suffered countless stings while meeting a bloom of jellyfish during an arduous trip across the North Channel.