Swim the Costa Brava director active in Egypt

Hard training in Egypt lead by Daniel Pages of Swim the Costa Brava

Last January Swim the Costa Brava reached a collaboration agreement with the Olympia Sports Swim Club from the northern part of Egypt. Headed by Daniel Pagés, the technical team director of Swim the Costa Brava is in charge of developing a long-term training plan aiming at enhancing the competitive level of this club.

The first phase of the plan comprised one week training in Catalonia with Egyptian junior swimmers of higher level, as well as an expidition of our technical director to Egypt for a conjoint work with local coaches while pursuing the goal of establishing a new training methodology featuring more European influences.

Olympia S.C from Egypt training in Spain

Olympia's swimmers have enjoyed their week of training in Catalonia to the fullest. Our technical director Daniel Páges has directed all the training sessions of the team, giving paramount importance to the club's bonding with other swim clubs of Catalonia to enhance performance and obtain excellent results. Within this framework Olympia shared strokes with such renowned clubs as Mataró's Swimming Centre and swimming clubs of Calella, Lloret and Cervera. It was undoubtedly a highly enriching experience not only for the visiting club but also for the local ones which had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge horizons by learning different techniques and absorbing new learning methods, without mentioning the importance of interacting with teenagers coming from different cultural backgrounds.

Heroes of swimming: Abdel Latif Abu Heif

Heroes of swimming: Abdel Latif Abu Heif

This Egyptian battleship tore through open-water marathon swimming with ease, finesse and generosity

Heroes of swimming would like to issue an apology. Some weeks ago, we described Johnny Weissmuller as the greatest swimmer ever. We may have misled you, and if we did, we're sorry.Who, though, is Johnny's rival for Heroes of swimming's affections? An Egyptian swimmer called Abdel Latif Abu Heif: a legend not of the pool, but of the open water. If you haven't heard of him, you're not alone. Outside his native country – where streets and children were named after him, and he was feted wherever he went – Abu Heif's name is familiar only to a small circle of open-water marathon-racing fans.

Even in his prime, Abu Heif was no one's idea of what a swimming champion looks like. He was 5ft 10in and broad-shouldered, but far from the chiselled physique most of us associate with elite swimmers. In fact, not to put too fine a point on it, at something around 95kg (15st) Abu Heif was a bit pudgy. His nickname was "Crocodile of the Nile", but the unkind might have said hippo was more appropriate. Even one of his fans once said that Abu Heif's emblem would have been: "A big set of beautiful white teeth in a friendly grin, and a picture of a huge stomach."

Mohamed Marouf on Egyptian Open Water Swimming

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Abla Khairy and the English Channel

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Abla Adel Khairy swam across the English Channel in 1974 at the age of just 13. Now a wife and a mother of two, Khairy looks back at her accomplishments and hopes for a better future for young athletes.

Perhaps Khairy's main influence as a youngster keen on swimming was her mother, who was also something of an aquatic athlete.